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Transforming How Sales Professionals Develop New Business by Integrating Social into the Sales Process

Mediocre, average, unexceptional, ordinary, complacent - these aren’t qualities that usually come to mind when we consider successful salespeople. What is one key trait to expect of salespeople who make an impact, achieve success and smash their sales targets? Being insanely curious is a required character trait if you wish to master business disruptions. All sales professionals put learning on overdrive. A naturally curious salesperson can put themselves in the customer’s shoes, get to the...

What China Showed Me

I had the honor of speaking at the RemaxWorld Summit held Oct. 12- 14th 2017 in Zhuhai China. In describing the expo size, one could only say huge; some might say, Bigley, this event was incomparable to any Imaging Channel focused event I have ever attended in my 30-year history in the Imaging Channel. There were booths, and when I use the term booth, I don’t mean a table with a colored cloth draped over it. These expo booths some the size of small apartments. Spread across five football...

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (Last Week of October 2007)

As Friday came to close, there were only two (sales) of us left in the office by the time 4:30PM rolled around. Why were we in the office at 4:30PM on a Friday? That's easy, our month ends on Monday and we're still trying to get move shit forward. As we were packing up, the topic of demonstrations came up somehow. There we were reminiscing about how awesome it was to do demonstrations. The planning, the preparation, and of course the sizzle. I'll admit it, I could present excellent...

New Jersey HVAC Company Selects Ricoh MP W6700SP over OCE PlotWave 450

Just about a week ago I was able to visit a client with an existing KIP 3000 multifunctional wide format device with hopes of providing a new Ricoh MP W6700SP. Seems the KIP 3000 had received quite a workout over the years and was closing in the end of it's useful life. After spending about fifteen minutes with the device and the operator, I found that the KIP 3000 was purchased pre-owned, and the volume was about 3,000 square feet a month, in addition the KIP 3000 has a dual roll paper...

3 Value Based Sales Conversations To Engage The Modern Buyer

I can hear it now “Buyers are treating us as a commodity”, “It’s all about price, price and more price”, “We don’t have anything unique to offer”….. This can all be prevented! The modern buyer is better equipped than ever to drive salespeople toward commoditization. Prices have become increasingly transparent, comparisons are easily available and today’s technical differentiator is tomorrows "me too". Most buyers don’t really care about your company or your product, however; what they do...

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (Third Week of October 2007)

Tens years ago Tom Salierno, also known as Tom, Jr lost his job as Chief Operating ... Officer of Ricoh U S of Ricoh Corporation from June 2006 to December 2007. In the ten years after it seems that Big Tom was the chief culprit in Ricoh dealer acquisitions for Global Imaging. Today Tom serves ae Chief Executive Office with Global Imaging. Big Tom Out as Prez at Ricoh Boston Mike · 10/16/072:15 PM Don"t let the door..... Ricoh Americas Corporation Announces Organizational Changes WEST...

Five Hacks That Will Help You Sell More Copiers (tre)

It's late, just about 11PM here on the East Coast and I'm watching/listening to the Nationals & Cubs do or die game. Let's Go Cubs! Not that I'm a Cub fan, but more of a hater for the Nationals. I guess that's what happens when you're a lowly NY Mets fan. K, so I have no idea where I go this next hack from. I do know that it was not one of my ideas. Thinking I read about doing this from some sales book that I read many moons ago. Decision Makers They come with many different titles. In...

Ricoh W6700SP Pricing Proposal

Just thought I would share this recent proposal for the MP W6700SP pricing proposal with everyone. Would like to hear any thoughts or comments about this proposal also. You can view the MP W6700SP pricing proposal here or below. Seems to me like everything is included, although pricing is average and the maintenance/supply pricing seems to be above average. Thoughts?

Konica Minolta Bizhub 951Pricing Proposal Award

Just thought I would put a few points out there with a recent State of Florida contract award for the Konica Minolta Bixhub 951. For starters, I have no clue how many copiers are included in this award. It may be one or one hundred. However, what we do have is the purchase/award price for the KonicaMinolta Bixhub 951 and a few accessories. Those accessories include: Paper feed unit 100 Sheet Stapler Finisher ESP Power Filter Professional Service Unit (not sure what that is) Amazing I still...

A Growth Strategy or an Exit Strategy both take an EBIT Strategy

Well if you are in the Imaging Channel you were either bought out or at the least been approached to sell. The acquisition frenzy is the buzz these days. The landscape of the Independent dealer is changing. The large venture-backed dealers are buying up more and more of their competition. Most dealer organizations within the channel have already decided on a Growth Strategy or an Exit Strategy, and some have decided on a Maintain Strategy. Global Imaging Systems a Xerox company defines its...

The Mirror Never Lies...YOU Are The Reason Social Isn't Working For Your Sales Team!

The digital business world is constantly changing as social media outlets allow companies to be perceived as interactive and relevant to prospects and their clients. There is a demand for a more personalized message from companies, especially so from executive leadership and management. "In today's hyper-connected, information driven world, CEO's and senior executives alike are expected to have an active social presence. Brand image, brand trust and a company's long term success depend on...

Ricoh MP C4503SP Copier Quote

From time to time pre-owned and or used Ricoh multifunctional devices are offer up for sale or lease. This particular Ricoh MP C4503 is used. The device accessories listed include the internal finisher/stapler, a fax option, ans a two tray paper bank. Lease pricing and purchase pricing is included in the quote. Click here to view this quote. -=Good Selling=-

Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Six, Course One

In a previous blog from this week titled How Many Labels Did We Count on the Ricoh MP3601SP? I wrote about all of the black & color labels that I found on one of our wide format devices in our showroom. In addition I just noticed that none of the pictures uploaded to the blog! Arrgghh! Thus, I will try to get those pictures uploaded this week. My point is that there are labels everywhere and we're just not paying attention them because we never thought that we could play in that market.

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (First Week of October 2007)

Interesting thread from ten years ago is the thread about Padded Lease Rates! Ethical or Unethical. Personally. I've never been a fan of this, and I also think it's theft by deception. Call it what you want, I also believe there should be some type of regulation especially when a "price" is published and or agreed to and then the lease rate is padded and the price is not what was stated. Enjoy these threads!! Topic Weekend Notes from the Copier Industry for 9/30/07 10/1/077:46 PM next 12...

Imaging Channel, What’s Your FCE costing you?

All service Providers pride themselves on their Service Departments FCE (First Call effectiveness). However many don’t know their FCE percentage and others aren’t sure how to calculate their FCE properly, or worse they are informed by consultants who lower the standards of measurement by including things like courtesy calls, which creates the perception of doing well above average. In explaining the cost impact of your FCE, I will first define a service call as an activity where a technician...

How Many Labels Did We Count on the Ricoh MP3601SP?

Aight, it's an older Ricoh MP 3601SP, However, we still have one in the show room and I thought it would be cool to count how many color and black labels were adhered to the MP3601SP. I didn't not pop any of the covers, but I did open the roll feeder and the toner hopper. The method for my madness is to bring attention to labels, especially color labels. Color labels are all around us, and most of the time we're not paying attention to how many labels are in our lives on a daily basis. With...

Five Hacks That Will Help You Sell More Copiers (due)

Years ago, the most coveted piece of data that you could acquire about the a company was the name of the decision maker. Almost forty years later the name of the decision maker is almost worthless unless you also have their email address. In our last "hack", I wrote about contacting a decision maker through their "contact us" web page, and how to find an email address of an influencer from that "contact us" web page. Here's the Hack That I Use I have almost 4,000 connections on Linkedin.

Brutal Honesty Part III: If YOU Can't Challenge Yourself To Improve Then How Can You Challenge Your Clients To Improve?

"If you don't challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become" THEDAILYQUOTES.COM Being brutally honest with yourself as a sales professional is tough. If you want to succeed in sales you must get brutally honest with career. How are you as a sales professional continually evaluating yourself to improve to become better at what you do? Brutal Honesty: How Self Reflection Is Essential To Becoming A Better Sales Professional addresses how daily self-reflection allows us to...

Imaging Channel, Some Questions, Some Thoughts, and Some Answers

Why doesn’t the Imaging Channel’s Owners and Leaders pay sales reps 250k salaries with no accountability or quotas? Why do dealerships have millions in obsolete parts, spend millions on repairs and supplies, have a First Call Efficiencies’ or an FCE rate of less than 72% spend thousands doing Callbacks, spend thousands more on technical staff with very little Owner, or Senior Level executive oversite? Hum, read along and let me know your thoughts. Let’s talk about the sales rep who wants a...

Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Five, Course One

I had a few minutes before I had to get to three appointments on Thursday of last week. Thus, I thought I would visit our Ricoh MP 3601SP demonstrator unit in our showroom (yes, we still have one of those). I was curious how many labels did Ricoh adhere to the MP 3601SP. I was shocked! If you have a Ricoh MP 3601SP, here's a little bit of homework for you. Check all of the outside covers, then the toner hopped and then the roll feeder. Let us know how many labels you find (color or just...

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Print Audit Releases 2015-2016 Comparative Industry Printing Statistics By Angela Onstine, Oct 19, 2017 9:35:30 AM Calgary, Alberta – October 19th, 2017 – Print Audit® has released 2 powerful Insight BI dashboards that compare user, document and industry vertical print data for 2015 and 2016. The dashboards were compiled by gathering user-based data sets from end-user assessments for the periods. Read more »Read More...
“It is an honor to receive this award for another year. I am so proud of all the technicians who received their Prestige Certification," said Chip Crunk, RJ Young President & CEO. (PRWEB) October 19, 2017 RJ Young is proud to announce that it has received the 2018 RFG Circle of Excellence award and had four technicians achieve Prestige status in the area of Hardware/Engine Track from Ricoh USA. Nationally, over 2,200 technicians participated in the Prestige/Prestige Elite Certification...Read More...
October 19, 2017 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Worldwide spending on security-related hardware, software, and services is forecast to reach $119.9 billion in 2021, according to a recent update to the Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide from International Data Corporation ( IDC ). With nearly every industry investing in security solutions to meet a wide range of threats and requirements, spending is expected to achieve a compound annual growth...Read More...
October 18, 2017 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time VIENNA, Va.--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Vidsys , the leading global software technology manufacturer of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software, today announced its partnership with Evolver , a cybersecurity and information technology firm that delivers sophisticated services, operations, and consultation internationally. @Vidsys & @Evolverinc, industry #leaders in converged...Read More...
JERSEY CITY, N.J.--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Datapipe , a leader in managed cloud services for the enterprise, today announced it has been awarded the 2017 Asia Pacific Managed Cloud Service Provider of the Year Award by leading market research firm Frost & Sullivan . The award was announced as part of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards. This is the second consecutive year Datapipe has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its leadership in Asia Pacific and...Read More...
NEW YORK , Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Tracker by AMI-Partners indicates MSPs are rapidly expanding the breadth of their technology products and business solution offerings, as they respond to strong demand for cloud and managed services across vertical industries worldwide. AMI-Partners' 2017 annual worldwide tracking study of the global MSP market indicates MSPs are aggressively gaining share of small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprise IT budgets by providing an...Read More...
LONG BEACH, Calif. , Oct. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MEDIA ALERT: Who: Epson will be participating in the upcoming PhotoPlus Expo show in New York City to showcase its latest advancements in imaging technology for the photographic community in booth #707. What: During the show, Epson will host "Epson Print Academy," a series of presentations with professional photographers and printing experts on digital printing workflows, including demonstrations on how to optimize files for exhibition...Read More...
MONTVALE, N.J. , Oct. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- One year after product launch at ASIS International 2016, the Sharp INTELLOS Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV) was awarded two industry honors during ASIS 2017 in Dallas, Texas , last month. The Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV was named "New Product of the Year for Outdoor Perimeter Protection" by Security Today. The Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV also earned the "Security Solutions Award for Security Monitoring" by Security Sales & Integration. Security...Read More...
By The Numbers: 2015-2016 Industry Printing Statistics Are Out And The Details Are Surprising By West McDonald, Oct 19, 2017 9:29:17 AM We all know that “big data”, when gathered and analyzed, can tell a story like no other. Print Audit has run the numbers on user-based print behavior and compiled a compilation of some of the most interesting findings which you will read about now. We compiled rich user, document and device-based data from 2015 and 2016 and built Insight BI dashboards to...Read More...
Lexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, today announced the availability of Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing, a solution that leverages the Lexmark Smart multifunction printer platform and streamlines manual processes to help manufacturers gain visibility into supply chain logistics, consolidate devices, increase productivity and lower costs. Paper-based supply chain workflows limit access to important data contained in shipping and...Read More...
TOKYO -- Japanese authorities have launched a probe into Toshiba 's accounting and reporting practices for the fiscal year ended in March, in order to determine whether the troubled company appropriately handled the massive losses posted by its U.S. nuclear power unit Westinghouse Electric. The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission is looking into how Toshiba produced its fiscal 2016 securities report, which was released in August. The document was originally due at the end of...Read More...
Brookfield-based James Imaging Systems Inc. has acquired the Wisconsin operations of Ross Imaging LLC from McHenry, Illinois-based Imagetec L.P. Financial terms of the deal, which closed Oct. 11, were not disclosed. Lola Tegeder, CEO and Tom Tegeder, president at James Imaging Systems. Ross was acquired in 2005 by Imagetec. It has five locations: three in Illinois and two in Wisconsin. In the deal, James Imaging has become owner and operator of the Wisconsin Ross offices, which are in...Read More...
I have the opportunity to upgrade some Canon C5240A's. Couple of questions for everyone. Are these still current devices or discontinued? If discontinued what model would be the current replacement? I'm seeing .0126 for black on their current MA is that norm or high? I'm seeing .077 for color on their current MA is that norm or high? C5240 is 40 pages per minute in color and black correct? Thanx ArtRead More...
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Ricoh Europe, London, 17 October 2017 – Ricoh today announced it has won a Good Design Award for its Accessibility App. The award is based on a comprehensive design-promotion system and recognises the company’s commitment to those with visual impairments. The Accessibility App builds on the inherent ease-of-use of Ricoh’s 10.1" Smart Operation Panel . It supports the efficient operation of Ricoh multifunction printers (MFPs) by workers with visual impairments thanks to: Larger buttons, fonts...Read More...


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