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5 Questions About the New Panasonic KV-S5078Y Network Scanner

5 Questions About the New Panasonic KV-S5078Y Network Scanner

On Tuesday evening I had the chance to speak with Brian Szoke  Partner Sales Manager - Document Imaging for Panasonic.  Personally I like keeping on top of trends and knowing as much as I can new applications and hardware.

Over the last 40 years it's been more about what you know and how I can translate that to clients to help them with their business challenges.  

I understand that the time of COVID19 is tough for all of us, however there are many businesses that are killing it even with COVID19.  Plus different parts of the country are not affected as bad as we are in the northeast.

Below is a transcript from our chat.  Please feel free to contact myself or Brian if you have any questions.

Hey Brian I think it was a couple of months ago that I saw a luanch for a new scanner?  Can you tell me something about it?

Yes we introduced the 5078Y third generation release of the KV-S5000 Series of Low Volume Production document scanners focused on 5 Major area’s

  • Speed & Performance
  • Superior Image quality
  • Quieter operation
  • Less maintenance / Longer life rollers
  • Network Connectivity

With the new 5078Y we increased the speed from 100 ppm to 120 ppm at 200 and 300 dpi.  We also increased the capacity by 10% making the feeder 330sheets and made the scanner more flexible on scanning various paper types from 5 to 56 lbs.  Anything from rice paper to card stock.

That's pretty cool especially the ability to scan from something so thin to heavy card stock. Are there any new image enhancement features with the KV-S5087Y?

We added even more on board image enhancements to the scanner for example:

  1. Faint Character Enhancement:  Just like it’s name makes light text/characters more clear. This features helps increase OCR accuracy when originals with light text are scanned
  2. Vertical line reduction:  Vertical Line Reduction detects and deletes vertical lines which are sometimes generated by dust accumulation on the scanning glass.
  3. Dust resistance coating:   This The conductive coating on the backside of the scanning glass allows paper dust to be repelled and prevents accumulation around the scanning glass.

You mentioned quieter operation, what was some the physical changes made to the new 5078Y Panasonic scanner?

Compared to its predecessor model, the KV-S5078Y has major improvements to reduce the overall noise generated during scanning. These additional improvements have lowered the operating noise down to 54db or less.

  1. Added quieter feeder bearing reducing knocking noise during Paper pickup
  2. Added medal sheets inside the scanner reduce document friction noise for quieter feeding
  3. New Paper feed motor for faster scanning and lower noise output

(Sound is measured in decibels (dB). For reference, normal breathing is about 10 dB, a whisper or rustling leaves 20 dB, and conversation at home are around 50 dB. A washing machine registers roughly at 70 dB, and a lawnmower is around 90 dB.)

I had the chance to review the spec sheet it mentions Panasonic Toughfeed.  What does the Toughfeed mean to my clients?

ToughFeed is combination of Panasonic’s features incorporated into our production class document scanners. ToughFeed is designed prevent unnecessary disruptions due to accidental damage to the scanner and reduce double feeding errors which can affect operational efficiency.

  1. Staple detection Stapled document detection is designed to prevent accidental damage to the Scanning Glass. The KV-S5078Y utilizes multiple sensors within the feeder to detect stapled documents. Once a stapled document is detected, the scanning operation is stopped immediately to prevent scratches to the scanning glass and the original documents.
  2. Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection  The KV-S5078Y is equipped with a ultrasonic double feed detection sensor. This sensor is not just designed to detect double feeds, but can also generate a double feed error in the event a document contains sticky notes, taped documents or pictures to the original.
  3. Intelligent Double Feed Detection Intelligent Double Feed Detection allows users to customize the error detection settings to allow certain routine documents which may purposely contain a label, receipt or picture to scan without triggering a double feed error.
  4. Redesigned the feed roller for long life and easy cleaning.

You also mentioned Network Capabilities, is this also a network attached scanner?

Yes the 5078Y also is equipped with a ethernet port. Making a 120ppm scanner network attached and give the ability to scan in a pull or push configuration.

Pull scanning method allows scanning to be initiated via PC over LAN using Image Capture Plus, TWAIN or ISIS drivers.  It's the same as if you were connect via a USB cable directly to PC the only difference it is connected directly to the network.

Push Scan Mode allows users to create pre-set network scan jobs on the KVS5078Y which eliminates the need for a connected PC. Up to 30 Presets can be configured for access through the device’s control Panel.

A user would simply walk up to the scanner and select a pre configure job and scan.  Scan to a network folder, scan to email , scan to a FTP site similar to a MFP.

Thanx Brian, hoping we can connect sometime in the near future.

Note from Art: In my 40 years of selling to SMB accounts I'll admit that I thought my MFP's could scan anything for anyone.  Yes I was somewhat naive with that thinking.  Clients want to scan every piece of paper that's in their workflow.  There can be a variety of different documents like rice paper, NCR, EKG's, warehouse tickets, thin paper and cover stock. In addition look at all of the different sizes of those documents. MFP's would be hard pressed to accomplish all of the different sizes of paper along with all of the different types of paper.

Think out of the box, be creative and keep educating your self because we still need to be the best avenue for clients that need help.

Learn more about Panasonic Scanners here

Prosecting Hacks "Part One"

In between appointments today I had made a short list of three net new suspects that I wanted to cold call.  All three of those cold calls turned up a fat ZERO. I'm okay with that because I'll be following up in the near future with phone call and email.  Sooner or later I'll get an appointment but hoping it doesn't take 10 or more years like some of the ones I've had. At my age 10 years is not going to cut it.

In Between Drives

About mid-day I pulled into a park so that I could check my emails and voice messages. No big news in the email and there was one voice message from a friend of mine that worked in marketing a few years back.  Thus, I made the call and left Chris a message.  A few hours later Chris was able to call me back and we got caught up on what we've been doing for the past year in our personal and business lives.

I was delighted to hear that Chris had hooked up with a office equipment dealer in the mid-south.  Thought that was awesome and I later found out that he took a job offer in sales. Which led me to ask how things are working out for him. Chris told me he closed a decent size deal for multiple units for about $40K with an existing account, has about 100 existing accounts and a **** load of net news .  As I thought we were getting close to the end of the call, Chris stated that he wanted to ask me a few questions related to prospecting.  Chris stated that he's been having a hard time with getting appointments and conversations going with net new clients.

Prospecting Cold Call Dials

I was in full agreement to help,  however I had many questions for him before I could help. I'll bullet out those questions for us.

  • How many cold calls are you doing per week?  The answer I got was 100
  • How many of those are walk in cold calls? Answer was 20

This meant that our new rep that was making 80 dials a week. Ah, right, been doing this long enough to know that fudging is common practice.  I told him 16 calls a day is not going to cut, even with the walk in cold calls.  I told him he sucks at prospecting and he needs to be making at least 60 calls every day. Anything less and you're going to wash out. With only having 100 existing accounts there is plenty of time.

Prospecting Cold Calls Walk-ins

We know that Chris is doing around 20 cold calls a week which is not that bad. But when we you only have 100 existing accounts, dude you need to step up your game! 

  • How do you cold call walk-ins? Answer was that when he picks a company to cold call he will cold call additional companies in that area. 

Okay I thought, not so bad, however you should plan your cold calls. What I mean by that is to comb your CRM and look for accounts that you haven't been able to get through to yet. Pick 25 of those accounts and make sure they are "paper intensive" type of accounts.  Look to your verticals of Healthcare, AEC, Law and pick other one, just make sure they are accounts that could result in multiple placements.  Don't ever willy nilly walk-in cold calls because you are wasting valuable time.  In addition your only goal is to get the name of the decision maker and scope the place out.

Tip: Don't add new suspects to the CRM when you haven't defined the suspects in your CRM (if you see one or two accounts that you'd like to break into that's fine).

Personally, before I ever speak to the Decision Maker or Person in Charge I want to do the research on the company.   What they do to make money, how many employees, the more you know the better.  Facebook, Linkedin, Manta, and Google are my favorite sources. Next you want to do the research on the DM. Who they are connected to, where they worked, their existing and previous position and if you can find it what they like or care about.

In the next installment I'll tell you what we spoke about with the following titles

The Pitch,  Work Ethic,  Prime Time,  The Email,  Breaking the Bank

-=Good Selling=-


Capturing a Few Days On & Off The Road with Mike Hellebuyck, Senior Sales Director with DocuWare

I was fortunate enough to spend some time recently getting to know Mike Hellebuyck, Senior Sales Director – West, at DocuWare and catch a glimpse of what life on the road is like for him.

As a sales director at DocuWare, he travels around the country, along with his team of Regional Sales Directors (RSDs), building successful business and personal relationships with Authorized DocuWare Partners and equipping them with the best tools and resources to sell DocuWare’s document management solutions.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how he supports DocuWare Partners and why he loves making them thrive, with some fun stops along the way!

If any of this sounds like you want to be part of the action, learn how to join the global DocuWare community:  click here or contact Mary Williams at

Mike, thanks for the time today.  In sales, we are always reminded of  building relationships with our prospects.  Could you tell us more about yourself?

I was born and raised in Michigan, graduated in state, and have been in the ECM/document management space for roughly 16 years. I have 2 kids, Averie who is 6 and Hudson who is 3.  Outside of work, I enjoy vintage cars, fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling. I have always wanted to be in sales and knew it was my calling.  I started with DocuWare in 2012 handling MI, OH, IN and the Pittsburgh, PA area.  The territory was struggling to produce and I turned it into a top performing territory in just one year.

Pit Stop #tacobell What's the reason for the huge smile?

taco bell

I got to the hotel late one night and I was hungry.  The Taco Bell was actually adjacent to the hotel, within walking distance.  I walked over and the doors were locked – the sign said “drive-thru only.”  So I walked through the drive-through and proceeded to jump up and down next to the order sign in hopes of triggering the tire sensor for vehicles.  Obviously I don’t weigh as much as a car, so I waited for the next vehicle to pull around to trigger the sensor.  When I heard “welcome to Taco Bell, please go ahead with your order”, I replied “I’m not in a car, I’m walking through and need a Burrito Supreme and a Mexican Pizza… lots of hot sauce.”  I was then told I would not be served unless I’m in a car, so I approached the vehicle behind me, had the gentleman roll down his window and engaged in a 1 minute sales pitch on why he should help me out… well, it worked!  I handed him my cash and walked around the corner to wait.  He pulled up and placed his order along with mine and met up with me around the corner to deliver my late night snack.  

How many partners do you work with? How is it working with them?

Supporting my team of RSDs, I work with about a dozen partners. Some we work with a lot, others not so much, but the door is always open to get them more engaged.  It’s always fun working with the partners as there are a lot of personality mixes.  Being good at sales means being able to adapt quickly to partner’s demands, while juggling communications between them, the customer, and of course, corporate.  Understanding and realizing very quickly how you need to work with a partner and how to help them become successful can be difficult but also very rewarding; especially if they have the same passion as me. 

The best thing I can do for a partner is to add value to their business.  If I’m just a channel manager, I’m no different than the competition and that’s why I strive to be a true partner that can add value by engaging directly in sales efforts to win business.  In many ways, as a sales manager, I’m the DocuWare cheerleader, relationship manager, solution presenter, and corporate controller for partners - the glue that ties a lot of things together.  I support corporate initiatives to partners, along with working side-by-side with sales representatives to help them through challenges; I’m their shoulder-to-lean-on and the motivator to get greatness out of them. 

The biggest joy for me is watching a partner grow from not producing much to reaching the top echelon of our partner rankings. The entire company gets on a roll and you see the momentum and teamwork.  Everyone gets excited and it makes my job very rewarding.    

How different is each week? Are some months busier than others?

Each week holds new journeys. Sometimes the events can be similar but the audience is always different so it stays exciting.

The busiest months include every month! And the last few days of each month are especially busy with all of us pushing hard to get deals done. If I had to choose just one, I’d have to say that September of 2017 was the busiest month in DocuWare history from a raw sales number; I’m not alone in saying it was also the busiest month for every RSD.

Almost looks like a scene from Wayne’s World and you guys were getting ready to blast out a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, right?  Just kidding, seems like you all were having a GREAT time. In the car

DocuWare RSD Mark Michonski, ComDoc, Inc. Document Management Specialist Ron Holtzer, and myself were on our way to a prospect appointment and game-planning how we were going to attack and close the deal.

What do you like best about your job? How are the relationships?

I would be lying if I didn’t say the opportunity to make as much money as I can, but that’s about me! Other than myself, I truly enjoy building relationships and watching the hard work pay off by a partner becoming successful and building a thriving DocuWare business.

I'm hoping that’s a sack of cash you’re toting around!  

mike on his way

I had landed in Pittsburgh, PA and was early.  My counterparts were in another meeting so I had a little time.  I decided to Uber to a casino in Downtown Pittsburgh and play a slot machine while waiting on my team to meet for lunch at the casino’s restaurant. No, I didn’t win, but was able to talk to the Accounting team at the casino about the benefits of DocuWare.  If you lose enough, you can talk to anyone!

How do you manage your work relationships vs time spent with your family?

mike at home

These are my kids, Hudson and Averie.  My wife Amy is hiding from picture in back.  I was on my way out the door heading to the airport.  I wanted to get a goodbye shot and the kids wanted to be part of the fun, so they are waving hi and bye to all of you!

I miss my wife and kids while on the road but I know that I’m in a great industry and the opportunity is there to make a very good living as long as you work hard.  I know that if I can make my partners successful, it will make me successful. Having a roof over my head, food on the table, and a good education for my children is the most important thing for my family.  Fortunately, the good news is: I’m usually at home on the weekends! 

How do you help your partners succeed?

I help them succeed by getting their commitment to do things that I know have proven results. In my opinion, the secret sauce to being successful in this business is determination and patience. You also have to offer fair compensation plans; if you don’t, sales reps will simply not push the solution. I help my partners through these scenarios with proven solutions and open communication.

Hoping you're on your way home?


I was heading off to California for another week of travel.  I was lucky to see my flight wasn’t cancelled due to weather coming into town.  It’s always stressful with flights; you have to be very diligent about finding alternate options on the drop of a dime.  

What’s the best traveling story you have?

I was on a long road trip and it was late. After morning presentations in Buffalo, NY, I hit the road for my trip to Dayton, OH. At approximately 10:45 p.m., I received a text/call from a partner that had his demo system crash; he had a very big presentation the following morning and needed help.  I couldn’t do the meeting for him remotely based on my travels, so I pulled off the next exit and pointed my car in the other direction.  I made it to his house at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and sat in his kitchen downloading my Virtual Machine shell to his laptop and configured a demo.  While I was working in his kitchen, he looked at me and said “I can’t believe you are here…. I just can’t believe you are here right now”!  At the end of the day or night, so to speak, he had his demo up and running for his morning meeting and was able to present and close the business a few weeks later.  I left his home at 1:00 a.m. and kept driving another 1.5 hours to my hotel.  

This looks like a great lunch spot to catch up!

At the table

TBS Ohio Solutions Architect Mark Parianos, DocuWare RSD Mark Michonski and myself were having lunch overlooking a river near Cleveland, OH.  It was a nice place to eat, strategize on upcoming sales calls and recap the previous days’ events.  It also provided a great opportunity to really connect with our partners to build relationships, which is very important. 

Why should dealers partner with DocuWare? What’s the best thing about working with the DocuWare team?

It’s simple. DocuWare provides companies the best opportunity to build a successful, sustainable document management business.  There are a lot of products out there, some very similar to DocuWare.  Your company can choose to represent any of them, but with DocuWare, you are investing in both a top product and a special kind of partner relationship. 

We are truly dedicated to your success and want to be directly involved in your company to build your DocuWare business.  Many times you are left on your own shortly after signing on with a product, and unfortunately many of these companies fail.  Sink or swim!  We do not play that way.  We have a well-balanced team of RSDs with an entrepreneurial spirit, dedicated to heavily engaging with partners to excel.

If I were a company looking at reviving or developing a new a document management business and had dedication and persistence, I would definitely consider DocuWare.  My team and I will get it done with you.

Please feel free to look me up on LinkedIn and connect - I’d love to get to know you and bounce ideas around!


Fast and On Time Delivery: Document Control Software Streamlines Submission and Storage of Transportation Documentation

Fast and On Time Delivery: Document Control Software Streamlines Submission and Storage of Transportation Documentation

Regional shipping company, GSC Logistics, implemented DocuWare so they could meet California Highway Patrol documentation requirements, reduce their liability, simplify document submittal and automate their document indexing and storage.

GSC Logistics is the largest trucking company at the Port of Oakland, providing drayage (the transportation of goods a short distance such as from a ship to a warehouse,) cross-docking (unloading goods from one truck and reloading them into another truck for distribution with little or no storage,) and transloading (the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another) services to importers and exporters throughout northern California and its Central Valley, as well as the ports of Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. Established in 1988, the company boasts 70 employees and 200 subcontractors or owner operated trucks.


The trucking and shipping industry is highly regulated, requiring companies to store and manage a mountain of paperwork. For each of the over 200 drivers and trucks, GSC must store each driver’s daily manifest or driving log, hours of service documentation, and daily vehicle maintenance record. In addition, the company is also required to store quarterly truck inspections and registration documents, as well as each driver’s DMV records, license, application, proof of medical insurance, vehicle insurance, to name a few.

“We have very little face time with our owner-operators, so we needed to make submitting documentation as easy and painless as possible so that our records would be complete,” said Justin Taylor, Compliance Manager for GSC.

GSC needed a system that would allow them to see at a glance what records were on file and which were missing to be sure they were keeping up with their FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) documentation requirements. The solution also needed to help them pass their BIT program audit (Basic Inspection of Terminal) by the California Highway Patrol, which is nowhere near as basic as the name suggests, as failure to pass comes with high penalties such as large fines, or being shut down.


print4payhotel_bannerad_300x150_pix_2017 updated 9-13-17GSC implement DocuWare in its transportation and compliance departments and established an easy way for drivers/owners to submit required documentation.

DocuWare was linked to GSC’s roster management software, OmniView, to automate index terms, share information electronically, and keep both databases in sync, as well as facilitating the alert system to notify drivers when registration and other documents need to be submitted.

DocuWare “talks” to OmniView and determines if a driver/owner is still active. If the driver is active, DocuWare’s Workflow Manager is used to send text and email alerts to drivers/owners based on the expiration date of each document in the system. The intensity of the notifications and number of people copied on the notification is elevated with each subsequent reminder. Reminders go out at 20, 14, 7, 2, and 1 day before a document submission deadline. Ultimately, the VP of Operations is copied on the “shut-down day” notification.

For the driver/owner, submitting documentation is easy - all they need to do is take a photo of the document and text or email it to the office, where it is automatically imported into DocuWare. A customized indexing dropdown list was set up for each document type and indexing is minimal. Of the 20 different document types, a quarter of them were completely automated.


The number one reason that GSC implemented DocuWare was to increase their compliance with federal transportation documentation requirements and reduce their liability.

“When we invested in DocuWare, we were for the first time able to keep up and be in complete compliance with FMCSA documentation requirements. DocuWare is helping us circumvent a huge liability. If we don’t pass a CHP audit, it is possible we can be shut down until all documentation is in order. Additionally, having an up-to-date copy of our drivers’ insurance helps us further mitigate liability. Without each driver having legitimate insurance, we could be on the hook for millions if there were an accident,” stated Taylor.

Taylor continued, “The transparency of GSC’s DocuWare solution is another one of its best features. Now we know at a glance which documents we have and which ones we don’t. And all of these documents are instantly accessible whenever we need them. The compliance staff is happy that the document submission follow up with drivers is done automatically.”

“One of the biggest benefits of our solution is that it allows us to file a surmounting amount of paperwork, yet everything is still quickly accessible. When we were using paper, a filing mistake stayed a mistake forever, but DocuWare eliminated this problem,” said Taylor.


GSC’s DocuWare system is expanding. Today, drivers place a barcode sticker on the top of their daily manifest. The barcode contains the driver ID and document type and automates indexing. In the future, this workflow will be expanded to calculate hours worked and push that data to another process.

“Now that DocuWare is in place and our workflows are running, I can’t imagine managing our business without this solution,” said Taylor.

DocuWare Corporation | 4 Crotty Lane, Suite 200 | New Windsor, NY 12553          (888) 565-5907 |

Would You Be Interested in Making a $90K Commission for Selling One Imaging Device?

I'm raising my hand, can you see it!  I'm interested!

One of the main reasons that I'm still in sales is that I still have the desire to write my own pay check.  Unexpected expense, no problem, just grind the gears a little harder and a little longer and you can make the cash that you need. I'm sure that's the same for many of my peers that are in the copier business.

Twenty or so years ago, I had visions of grandeur that maybe just maybe one day I might be selling a really high end product (jets, yachts) and make some serious cash.  But, those weeks fell into months, then years and twenty years later I'm still in the same industry (that's not a bad thing).  My chance never came or maybe it did come and I didn't see it. 

About five or so years ago, I thought that Production Print devices would pan out to be a source of larger commissions. However, the manufacturers direct operations put the kibosh on that idea years ago when most decided that they'll drop their drawers on price just to get the box moved.

$90K Commission Check

Can you imagine getting a $90K commission check for selling one imaging device?  That would be awesome!  I also understand that in order to make the full $90K, a lot of things would have to go right, along with being in the right place at the right time.  

Ok, right time, right place, everything to fall just right so that we could secure the order.  Seems to me, that's something that we (salespeople) are experiencing every day of the week.  When was the last time you had an opportunity to bring home a $90K commission check?   I think about the margins that I have to work with.  In order to make $90K on one device for one sale I'd have to have $300K of GP built it.  Ah, that's not going to happen with selling just one copier or even a few production systems.

But, what I can tell you is that YOU can have these types of 90K commission opportunities.  Dang, I can have these types of 90K commission opportunities. 

Times are changing, hardware is changing and I'm all for it.  Recently I was able to secure a copy of the pricing and commission structure for Muratec  America a Konica Minolta Company complete line of Color Label & Packaging devices.  I was blown away with the commission structure that is being offered for sales agents!

Did I mention the sales agent part? 

Muratec is looking for sales agents in specific markets to sell their entire line of Color Label Press Series. 

PKG-675-banners_300x150Let me get back to the opportunity to make that $90K commission check.  Earning that $90K would mean that you would have sold their high end PKG-675i PKG & PKG-675L system. Now, I understand that opportunities like this are not an every day occurrence, however I also understand that every day beings a new opportunity.  Sooner or later you will run into one of these opportunities and wouldn't it be grand that you're at least in the running to garner and order like this?

There are also five other models of Color Label Presses that Sales Agents can sell.  Those commissions start at $7,000 and runs up to $82,000, depending on what model you sold.  In addition one of the best points of the program is that Sales Agents only sell.  All of the supplies, support, setup and training is handled by Muratec America.  

I'm not writing this because Muratec America

I'm not writing this because Muratec America asked me to, nor am I getting paid to write this blog. I'm writing this because I'm exciting that finally I could have the opportunity to make some serious commissions.   I can finally have leave that dream of having the opportunity to sell some big ticket items that are in my wheelhouse of knowledge.  Imaging is imaging, we're just using a different process to the image on the substrate.

The other reason for writing this is because I believe there are many of us that are not happy with what has happened to the copier business in the last seven years.  Margins shrinking, longer sales cycles, tons of competition, and let's face it all of our devices from all manufacturers perform well and are almost identical in what they do.

Am I stepping out on this new adventure?

I'd like to, but there are many things I need to address on a personal, financial and business level before I make the jump.  I may never make that jump, but I believe that there may be others who are reading this blog that may be ready for something new, something different, something exciting and something that can pay some big bucks. 

What I can tell you is that I want to have opportunities like these.

-=Good Selling=-




Lou Stricklin          Jan. 15, 2016


Andrew Jones



PLANO, Texas—(Jan. 15, 2016)—Muratec America, Inc., manufacturer of multifunction office equipment and business productivity solutions, announces the Precision Label Series of digital presses, designed to produce short run, high-definition digital color labels.

“These products signal a new era for Muratec,” said Jim D’Emidio, president, Muratec America, Inc. “The label market is exploding year-over-year and the demand for short-run capabilities is one of the hottest growth areas. Most dealers we’ve approached with our label presses were able to quickly identify current customers who could benefit from a short-run digital label press. With a background in on-site service, customer support and professional sales approaches, the office equipment dealer channel is perfect to distribute these solutions.”

Organizations that rely on labels use Muratec’s Precision Label Series to bring label printing in-house and significantly reduce their label spend, waste and production time.

“It’s standard practice for a label converter to have a 2-3 week lead time,” said Lou Stricklin, director, marketing and sales support. “The PLS-series label presses can have labels printed, laminated, die-cut and ready for application in just hours, saving time and money. It’s also a huge competitive advantage for our customers to be able to instantly tweak packaging to address sudden changes in the market.”

Muratec’s PLS-2112 can print continuous-fed media or cut sheets, up to 8.5” wide, on a variety of media; the PLS-2112F, Muratec’s digital finishing system, creates true on-the shelf visual separation by giving labels unique shapes, styles and sizes.

“With the PLS-2112F, the only limit is your imagination,” Stricklin said. “In the past, organizations had to break the bank in order to produce die-cut labels; however, with the PLS-2112F, they can produce exceptional labels that deliver a competitive advantage and higher value perception on the shelf.”

The PLS-2112 digital label press features an MSRP of $24,995; the PLS-2112F features an MSRP of $39,995.

Muratec’s PLS-5150 can print continuous-fed media or cut sheets, up to 12.5” wide, on a variety of media at up to 30 feet-per-minute; the PLS-5150F, Muratec’s digital finishing system, delivers lamination, digital die-cutting, slitting and rewinding to create application-ready labels.

“The PLS-5150 addresses the needs of our customers who require higher throughput,” Stricklin said. “The PLS-5150, prints at up to 30 feet-per-minute, increasing the number of labels per roll. The multiple blade slitter, high-speed die-cutter and multiple exit rewinders enable our customers to get their labels ready for application faster.

The PLS-5150 digital label press features an MSRP of $52,995; the PLS-5150F features an MSRP of $74,995.

About Muratec America, Inc.

Muratec America, Inc. is a manufacturer of multifunction digital office equipment, business productivity solutions and provider of managed document services components. The company is a Plano, Texas-based subsidiary of Murata Machinery, Ltd., a privately held multinational corporation based in Kyoto, Japan. Visit for more information.


What is Business Workflow? "Part One"

Workflow has been on my mind a lot in recent months.  In order to remain current and successful in this industry I need to step it up a bit and be looking for additional workflow opportunities.

What is workflow?  It's my guess that we'll see many different definitions of workflow from the different guest bloggers I have lined up.  For me, workflow means that I can shorten a manual business process, which would then save the client hours of labor. In addition, the client may benefit from improved customer service to their customers.

For one of my clients it was the ability to scan documents, and extract data in a certain area of the form and then move that data so that it would populate in SharePoint list.   Previously the client was scanning the documents in order to save them to a folder and then manually extracting the data from that form and then keying that data into an excel spreadsheet.   The time savings by creating this new workflow was tremendous. 

During the next 30 days, I'll be reaching out to some of my contacts and ask to them to provide us with a guest blog about workflow. As of right know there will be a five part series for Workflow.

Stay tuned, I'm thinking we'll enjoy these immensely.  Blogs will posted for 24 hours for FREE and will then convert to Premium/VIP Blogs, please let me know if you are interested in obtaining a Premium/VIP Membership.

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"A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group, an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms."