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Rumor verified w/email from HQ. Also all Non-Sales will be asked to take unpaid five-day furlough. Not verified but heard reliably is RIF of 25% Production Print Sales Reps and 500 Gen'l Line Salesforce. This probably just make the IKON/Ricoh marriage easier although it also feed the ranks of Canon and dealers if they are looking at quality rather than quantity to shore-up their ranks.
The inmates continue to run the asylum at Ricoh, Direct (IKON & RBS) is not profitable, Dealers are being squeezed instead of hugged, and general morale is at an all-time low over in HQ. Moreover, you now see talented executives, such as Ron Potesky, jumping ship to find safe harbor. If the axe must fall, I simply hope the correct heads get chopped (which has not happened over the past 6 months).

Also all Non-Sales will be asked to take unpaid five-day furlough.

I have heard that this is also true, but all of the will make Ricoh leaner and meaner, there are those that think Ricoh is on the downside, however thier equipment has never been better and they are hedging the future with hardware.

Let's see when was the last time you saw some like Quanp from the likes of Sharp, Canon, Xerox or KonicaMinolta?

Do any of these companies have anything closely related to Document Mall?

I could go on and on, but I've got to finishing posting items on other boards.


IKON employees are not subject to the 'mandatory' 5 Day furlough, just the employees on the Ricoh side.

An announcement has also been made in regard to Ricoh's pension, wherein all activity will be ceased. However, any changes to the Ricoh pension do not apply to IKON employees.

As you could imagine, the Ricoh employees are not happy.
In other news, Matt Espe (IKON) will be taking control of Ricoh, as President and CEO. I guess whoever said that IKON would begin to swallow Ricoh, was indeed correct. I once joked (April Fool's) that they were putting up an IKON sign at Ricoh HQ in NJ and taking down the Ricoh sign. They may not go so far as to make that cosmetic change, but the poloitcal change has just set sail. What will the Independent Rioch / Savin / Lanier Dealers think about this change? Time will tell.

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