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Today's Hacked!


OpenAI alleges New York Times 'hacked' ChatGPT for lawsuit evidence - ....CNBC reports on OpenAI's allegations against the New York Times, claiming the newspaper "hacked" ChatGPT for evidence in a lawsuit. Read more

Matthew Perry's X account hacked | ....National Post discusses the hacking incident involving Matthew Perry's X account, as reported by the Matthew Perry Foundation. Read more

Russia-based LockBit ransomware hackers attempt comeback | Cybercrime - .....The Guardian reports on the attempted comeback of Russia-based LockBit ransomware hackers following law enforcement actions against them. Read more

Burger Singh website hacked by Pakistani group, you won't believe what the company did next - .....The Economic Times covers the hacking incident involving Burger Singh's website by a Pakistani group and the subsequent response from the company. Read more

Leaked Hacking Documents Show China's Focus on Tracking Ethnic Minorities - .....The Wall Street Journal discusses leaked documents revealing China's focus on tracking ethnic minorities through hacking capabilities offered by firms like I-Soon. Read more

Berlin Antisemitism Row: Festival Files Criminal Charges After Hacking - .....Variety reports on the Berlin Film Festival filing criminal charges after a hacking incident amidst an antisemitism row. Read more

PCG Facebook page hacked | .....Philippine News Agency covers the hacking of the Philippine Coast Guard's Facebook page and their collaboration with Meta to address the issue. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


MicroStrategy's X Account Hacked, Leads to $440K Crypto Being Stolen: Blockchain ... -CoinDesk reports on the hacking of MicroStrategy's X account, resulting in the theft of over $440,000 worth of cryptocurrency. Read more

Maldives' Home Ministry Website Hacked, Hackers Warn Against "Anti-India Actions" - YouTube......Hackers target the website of Maldives' Home Ministry, issuing warnings against "anti-India actions." Read more

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Hacked on Social Media by NFT Scammers - Sports Illustrated.....Sports Illustrated reports on the hacking incident involving ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, targeted by scammers peddling non-fungible tokens. Read more

Jets' Sauce Gardner Says His Snapchat Account Was Hacked: 'People Be So Weird' - .....Bleacher Report covers New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner's statement about his Snapchat account being hacked. Read more

5 Immediate Steps To Take If Your Email Account Has Been Hacked .....SlashGear provides steps to take if your email account has been hacked, including immediate actions to safeguard your information. Read more

Can Amazon Blink security cameras be hacked? - .....TechHQ investigates the security of Amazon Blink security cameras amid concerns about potential hacking vulnerabilities. Read more

IntelBroker claimed the hack of the Los Angeles International Airport - .....Security Affairs reports on IntelBroker's claim of hacking the Los Angeles International Airport by exploiting a flaw in its CRM system. Read more

China to increase protections against hacking for key industries - ....Yahoo Finance reports on China's plans to enhance protections against hacking for key industries, especially in response to threats from foreign adversaries. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Non-KYC Crypto Exchange FixedFloat Hacked for $26M in Bitcoin, Ethereum -.....FixedFloat, a cryptocurrency exchange operating without KYC measures, falls victim to a hacking incident resulting in a loss of $26 million. Read more

Data breach may have leaked some Bank of America customers' information -.....A potential data breach at Infosys McCamish Systems LLC (IMS) on Nov. 3, 2023, raises concerns about leaked Bank of America customer information. Read more

Pizza store phone system hacked; suspects seek customer banking information | .....A pizza store's phone system in Gillette, Wyoming, is hacked by unknown individuals attempting to obtain customer banking details. Read more

How to protect your digital accounts from hackers - .....PC World provides tips for safeguarding digital accounts against hacking, emphasizing strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Read more

'The Lockbit' group says they are responsible for hacking Fulton County weeks ago - .....Cybercriminal group "The Lockbit" claims responsibility for a recent hack affecting Fulton County. Read more

Crypto Exchange FixedFloat Hacked for $26 Million in Bitcoin, Ether - .....FixedFloat, a non-custodial crypto exchange, suffers a substantial hack resulting in a loss of $26.1 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Read more

FBI, UK Crime Agency Say They Have Disrupted LockBit Cyber Gang - .....The FBI and UK Crime Agency announce the disruption of the LockBit cyber gang, responsible for numerous cybercrimes globally. Read more

US: FBI director warns of Chinese hacking threat | .....FBI director Christopher Ray warns of increasing Chinese-backed cyber attacks targeting US infrastructure. Watch here

Hackers Claim Data Breach at Staffing Giant Robert Half, Sell Sensitive Data - .....Hackread reports a data breach at Robert Half, a staffing company, where sensitive data is being sold by hackers. Read more

Poland starts probe into allegations of illegal phone-hacking | .....A Polish parliamentary commission initiates an investigation into allegations of illegal phone hacking by the previous government. Read more

R00TK1T cyberattack hit the wrong PADU - .....SoyaCincau reports that R00TK1T claims to have hacked PADU, but it's not the organization most people are familiar with. Read more

Google Chrome will soon block hacking attempts on your network - .....The Indian Express reveals Google's plans to introduce a feature in Chrome to block hacking attempts targeting devices like printers. Read more

FixedFloat DEX Hacked for $26M in BTC and ETH, Loot Already Moved - .....CryptoPotato discloses the hacking of FixedFloat DEX, resulting in a loss of $26 million worth of BTC and ETH. Read more

iOS Trojan Collects Face and Other Data for Bank Account Hacking - .....SecurityWeek warns about an iOS Trojan designed to collect facial and other data for bank account hacking purposes. Read more

I might have been infected, steam account hacked the next day - .....Bleeping Computer discusses a user's concern about a potential infection leading to a Steam account being hacked. Read more

Today's Hacked!


US disrupts Russian hacking campaign that infiltrated home, small business routers: DOJ -.....The FBI announces the successful disruption of a Russian GRU-led hacking campaign targeting over a thousand home and small business routers. Read more

Could Your Mortgage Lender Be Hacked? How to Protect Yourself -.....NerdWallet offers advice on protecting personal data amidst mortgage lender hacks, including those involving Mr. Cooper. Read more

Could Your Mortgage Lender Be Hacked? How to Protect Yourself - .....Nasdaq discusses mortgage lender hacks, particularly Mr. Cooper's acknowledgment of a 2023 breach. Read more

Fulton County cyberattack: Hacking group claims to have stolen data - .....Fulton County faces a cyberattack, with hackers claiming to have stolen data, though details remain undisclosed. Read more

US Justice Department Says It Disrupted Russian Intelligence Hacking Network -.....The US Justice Department disrupts a Russian intelligence hacking network, marking the second recent intervention. Read more

U.S. Disrupts Hacking Operation Led by Russian Intelligence -.....The FBI collaborates with international partners to thwart a Russian hacking operation targeting home and small-business internet. Read more

How passwords are hacked and what fraudsters do with them -.....My Money Matters explores how passwords are hacked and the subsequent actions of fraudsters. Read more

Forbes Daily: International Hacking Groups Use OpenAI To Attack Targets .....Forbes discusses the use of OpenAI by international hacking groups to carry out attacks on various targets. Read more

North Korea hacked emails of South Korea president's aide -.....North Korea breaches the personal emails of an aide to the South Korean president, as confirmed by his office. Read more

BJP functionary hacked to death in TN's Madurai -.....A BJP functionary in Madurai is brutally hacked to death by unidentified assailants. Read more

PCG regains control of "X" account after being hacked | ANC -.....The Philippine Coast Guard successfully regains control of its hacked social media account. Watch here

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Today's Hacked!


North Korea hacked emails of South Korea president's aide -.....North Korea gains access to the personal emails of an aide to the South Korean president, according to confirmation from his office to the BBC. Read more

Iran-backed hackers interrupt UAE, UK and Canadian programming with fake AI news broadcast -.....Iran-backed hackers interrupt broadcasting in the UAE, UK, and Canada with a fake AI-generated news broadcast. Read more

North Korea hacked emails of South Korea president's aide -.....North Korea successfully hacks into the personal emails of a member of the South Korean President's team for the first time. Read more

Dad Sues Hacked Chicago Children's Hospital Again -.....A father files another lawsuit against a Chicago children's hospital after it was hacked. Read more

Prudential Financial breached in data theft cyberattack -.....Prudential Financial suffers a data breach in a cyberattack involving data theft. Read more

Security experts discuss recent Bank of America data breach ......Security experts analyze the recent data breach at Bank of America. Read more

Prudential data breached, Facebook Marketplace leak, BoA 3rd party breach -.....Prudential faces a data breach, Facebook Marketplace suffers a leak, and Bank of America faces a third-party breach. Read more

South Korea says presumed North Korean hackers breached personal emails of presidential staffer -....South Korea confirms that presumed North Korean hackers breached the personal emails of a presidential staffer. Read more

Microsoft and OpenAI say hacking groups are using AI as part of cyberattack efforts - .....Microsoft and OpenAI report on the increasing use of AI by hacking groups from various countries. Read more

OpenAI shuts down accounts linked to 5 nation-state hacking groups -.....OpenAI takes action against accounts associated with five nation-state hacking groups. Read more

U.S. adversaries said to be using AI to boost their hacking efforts -.....Adversaries of the U.S. are reportedly enhancing their hacking efforts with AI technology. Read more

FACT CHECK: China's State-Sponsored Hacking Record Invalidates Claims of Innocence - .....A fact-check examines China's involvement in state-sponsored hacking activities. Watch here

Melbourne man used bitcoin to buy hacked Oxfam information -.....A Melbourne man purchases hacked Oxfam information using bitcoin. Read more

Is T-Mobile's AI training model the reason it keeps getting hacked? -.....A lawsuit suggests that T-Mobile's AI training model might be linked to its frequent hacking incidents. Read more

Hacked/Blocked account. -.....A user seeks assistance for a hacked or blocked account on the Microsoft Community forum. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Hacked data from Germany's dena has been published on the darknet - .....Germany's dena falls victim to a ransomware attack, with hacked data published on the darknet. Read more

Nearly all the laptops were hacked today at my work place and their screens were set to .....A Reddit user reports that nearly all laptops at their workplace were hacked, with screens set to an unknown configuration. Read more

Ransomware attack forces Colorado public defenders to disable network - .....Colorado public defenders disable their network after falling victim to a ransomware attack. Read more

Bank of America warns customers of data breach after vendor hack -.....Bank of America warns customers of a data breach following a hack on one of its service providers. Read more

Two Queens men sentenced for hacking into JFK airport taxi dispatch system - .....Two individuals are sentenced for hacking into the JFK airport taxi dispatch system. Read more

Cyberattack Hits Iran Parliament Websites: State Media -.....Iran's parliament websites experience a cyberattack, rendering them unavailable. Read more

Stalkerware App "TheTruthSpy" Hacked Again, 50,000 Device Data Stolen - .....Stalkerware app "TheTruthSpy" is hacked again, resulting in the theft of data from 50,000 devices. Read more

Cancun crackdown: Police bust drug syndicate that hacked up five people with a machete - .....Police in Cancun crack down on a drug syndicate allegedly involved in gruesome violence. Read more

Cabbies who conspired with Russians to hack taxis sentenced -....Taxi drivers involved in a conspiracy to hack taxis at JFK Airport are sentenced. Read more

Who gets hacked like this?! .....CoinGeek discusses cybersecurity and the potential for security professionals to fall victim to hacks. Read more

Swifties warned: Ticketek accounts hacked, Eras tickets stolen -.....Ticketek users report stolen tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour after hackers gain access to their accounts. Read more

Feds' plan to ban 'consumer hacking devices' to fight car theft draws derision - .....The government's plan to ban "consumer hacking devices" to combat car theft receives criticism. Read more

Ransomware Attack Knocks 100 Romanian Hospitals Offline -.....100 hospitals in Romania are knocked offline by a ransomware attack. Read more

200,000 Facebook Marketplace user records leaked on hacking forum -.....200,000 Facebook Marketplace user records are leaked on a hacking forum. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Fulton county's systems were hacked. Already weary officials are tight-lipped - .....Officials remain tight-lipped after Fulton County's computer systems are reportedly hacked. Read more

Catch Of The Week: 3 Million 'Hacked' Toothbrushes? - .....Reports of 3 million "hacked" smart toothbrushes used in a DDoS attack turn out to be false. Read more

Joe Biden's Twitter Hacked? President's Chiefs Super Bowl Win Post Goes Viral - .....Speculation arises after a post on Joe Biden's Twitter account regarding the Super Bowl win goes viral, leading to questions of a hack. Read more

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Super Bowl Ad Baffles Viewers: 'Was My Stream/Mind Just Hacked?' .....Viewers express confusion over a Super Bowl ad featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., questioning if their stream or mind was hacked. Read more

Colorado public defender's office shut down due to ransomware attack | FOX31 Denver -,,,,,The Colorado public defender's office is forced to shut down due to a ransomware attack. Read more

Feds Want to Ban the World's Cutest Hacking Device. Experts Say It's a 'Scapegoat' -.....The Flipper Zero, a beloved handheld hacking device, faces a potential ban from the government of Canada. Read more

Outdated switches targeted by China-linked hacking campaign -.....The China state-sponsored hacking group, "Volt Typhoon," targets outdated switches in a series of attacks. Read more

Eagles WR AJ Brown's X Account Got Hacked During Super Bowl: 'That Wasn't Him!' -.....Eagles WR AJ Brown's X Account is hacked during the Super Bowl, leading to confusion among fans. Read more

DNA testing: What happens if your genetic data is hacked? -.....Concerns arise over the potential consequences of genetic data hacking in DNA testing services. Read more

China's Dogged Campaign to Portray Itself as Victim of US Hacking -.....China intensifies its media campaign to portray itself as a victim of US hacking operations. Read more

How to protect your travel accounts from hackers .....Travelers are urged to protect their accounts from hacking amid a wave of cyber attacks targeting travel platforms. Read more

Hacking the flow: The consequences of compromised water systems -.....Andy Thompson discusses the dire consequences of hacking water systems and the need for cybersecurity measures. Read more

'You need to be careful' over signs your iPhone or Android is hacked and first is sinister ... -.....Users are warned to be cautious of signs indicating their iPhone or Android devices may have been hacked. Read more

Tshwane University of Technology suffered massive data breach after its computer systems ... -.....Tshwane University of Technology experiences a massive data breach following a hack on its computer systems. Read more

Warzone RAT Shut Down by Law Enforcement, Two Arrested -.....Law enforcement shuts down the Warzone RAT and arrests two individuals involved in cybercriminal activities. Read more

China Targets US Hacking Ops in Media Offensive -.....China launches a media campaign targeting US hacking operations following condemnation from multiple countries. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Millions of hacked toothbrushes used in Swiss cyber attack, report says - ......A significant cyber attack reportedly utilized millions of hacked toothbrushes, causing widespread damage. Read more

Hacked toothbrushes could be used in cyber attack, researchers warn - .....Researchers issue warnings about the potential for hacked toothbrushes to be weaponized in cyber attacks. Read more

UCM warns of hack as students lose financial aid money in scam -.....UCM alerts students about a potential hack after financial aid money is lost in a scam. Read more

IT suppliers hacked off with Uncle Sam's demands in aftermath of cyberattacks -.....IT suppliers express frustration with Uncle Sam's demands following cyberattacks. Read more

Data of half the population of France stolen in its largest ever cyberattack. This is what we know - .....France experiences its largest ever cyberattack, resulting in the theft of data from half the population. Read more

Cybercriminals are creating their own AI chatbots to support hacking and scam users - .....Cybercriminals develop AI chatbots to facilitate hacking and scamming activities. Read more

I Stopped Using Passwords. It's Great—and a Total Mess.....A user recounts their experience of abandoning passwords for security measures. Read more

Verizon employee compromises personal data of 63000 colleagues -.....A Verizon employee inadvertently exposes the personal data of over 63,000 colleagues. Read more

Chinese hackers spent up to 5 years in US networks: Cyber officials -.....Cyber officials reveal that Chinese hackers infiltrated US networks for up to five years. Read more

State Department offers $10M reward for cyber hacking ring information -.....The State Department offers a $10 million reward for information on a cyber hacking ring. Read more

China's Spies Hacked NATO Ally's Defenses, Official Says -.....China's involvement in hacking a NATO ally's defenses is confirmed by an official source. Read more

Nearly 100-Thousand California State Workers Have Their Personal Information Hacked -.....Personal information of nearly 100,000 California state workers is compromised in a massive ransomware attack. Read more

Hacking Victims Paid $1.1bn In Ransoms Last Year | .....Hacking victims paid a record $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency ransoms in the previous year. Read more

Iran-backed hackers interrupt UAE TV streaming services with deepfake news - .....Iran-backed hackers disrupt UAE TV streaming services with deepfake news. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Millions of hacked toothbrushes used in Swiss cyber attack.....Internet-connected toothbrushes were utilized in a botnet to conduct a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Read more

Surprising 3 Million Hacked Toothbrushes Story Goes Viral—Is It True? - ....Security experts assess the validity of the viral story about three million hacked smart toothbrushes being used in a cyber attack. Read more

China cyberspies hacked computers at Dutch defense ministry -....Chinese state-backed cyberspies infiltrated the internal computer network at the Dutch Ministry of Defence, according to intelligence agencies. Read more

Even Microsoft executives had their passwords hacked away -....Several senior Microsoft executives experienced a "password spray attack," highlighting the pervasiveness of cybersecurity attacks. Read more

Chinese hackers spent 5 years waiting in U.S. infrastructure, ready to attack, agencies say -....Reports indicate Chinese hackers were embedded in U.S. infrastructure for five years, poised to launch attacks. Read more

Ohio man accused of threatening NC senator claims Facebook was hacked -.....An Ohio man accused of threatening a senator claims his Facebook account was hacked. Read more

Verizon insider data breach hits over 63,000 employees - .....Verizon suffers an insider data breach affecting thousands of employees due to auth tokens stolen in an Okta attack. Read more

Beware, your electric toothbrush may have been hacked; here's what you need to do -.....Malware-infected electric toothbrushes were used in a DDoS attack, prompting security precautions. Read more

Snowboard manufacturer Burton hacked in sophisticated cyberattack - ....Burton, a snowboard manufacturer, falls victim to a sophisticated cyberattack compromising personal data. Read more

A North Texas father gets help from NBC 5 Responds with his son's hacked bank account -....A North Texas father seeks assistance after discovering his son's bank account was compromised by multiple fraudulent transactions. Read more

If your password is on this list it can be hacked in seconds - you must change it now -.....The Mirror highlights the importance of changing passwords listed in databases susceptible to hacking. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Chinese spies hacked Dutch defence network last year - intelligence agencies .....A report reveals that Chinese state-backed cyber spies hacked into an internal computer network at the Dutch Ministry of Defence last year. Read more

HACKED BY EPSILON ....The IGN website has been hacked by the Epsilon Group, with the message "HACKED BY EPSILON" displayed. Read more

China 'hacked Dutch defence network' - ....Chinese state-backed cyber spies reportedly hacked into an internal computer network at the Dutch Ministry of Defence last year. Read more

What happens if you get hacked - and does paying a ransom work? ....The article explores the consequences of getting hacked and the effectiveness of paying a ransom in ransomware attacks. Read more

Ex-Officials Fret Hacked Firms, Fearing Legal Liability, Will Keep Law Enforcement in Dark ....Former government officials express concerns about hacked firms withholding information from law enforcement due to legal liability fears. Read more

Remote access giant AnyDesk resets passwords and revokes certificates after hack ....AnyDesk resets passwords and revokes certificates following a cyberattack on their systems. Read more

Electronic records back up after Maine hospital servers hacked ....Northern Light Health's electronic records are back up after their servers were hacked. Read more

Apple Vision Pro hacked by MIT student -....An MIT student hacks the Apple Vision Pro, prompting warnings from Apple about the risks of hacked headsets. Read more

DICT: Recent hacking attempts on gov't websites not ordinary ....The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) discusses recent hacking attempts on government websites. Watch more

Local business owner loses $172,000 in bank fraud scheme; warns others | WBMA ....A local business owner loses $172,000 in a bank fraud scheme, emphasizing the risks of hacking. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


AnyDesk has been hacked, users urged to change passwords - .......AnyDesk Software GmbH has confirmed they've been hacked, and their production systems have been compromised. Read more

Pennsylvania Courts' website experiencing crashes after cyber attack ......Sources report that the Pennsylvania Courts' website is experiencing crashes following a cyber attack. Read more

How to Not Get Hacked in 2024.....Global hacking networks are growing more sophisticated, posing challenges to law firm security measures. Read more

Madison Public Library's X account hacked, city says......The Madison Public Library X account was hacked on 1/28/24. Library staff are attempting to regain access. Read more

Super skimmers: The new way criminals are hacking your account, even if you don't swipe your card - ......Criminals are using a sophisticated device called a shimmer to hack accounts, targeting ATMs. Read more

Middletown schools hope key system works 'by the end of the week'; sources say district was hacked.....Personal information of an unknown number of people at Middletown Area School District has been compromised in a systems breach. Read more

Nation-state actor used recent Okta compromises to hack into Cloudflare systems .....Cloudflare reveals that a nation-state actor hacked into the company's self-hosted Atlassian server in November 2023. Read more

Mayor's Facebook page hacked, used in scam (VIDEO) .....Unknown hackers use the mayor's Facebook page in a scam, advertising items for sale in the mayor's name. Read more

HPE investigates new breach after data for sale on hacking forum - ......Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is investigating a potential new breach after allegedly stolen data appears on a hacking forum. Read more

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Today's Hacked!


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Hacking Incidents:

  1. HPE hacked by Russian intelligence group (Cozy Bear) that hit Microsoft: CNBC reports that HPE's cloud-based email system was compromised by the state-sponsored actor known as Cozy Bear.

  2. Another cloud services provider hacked by Russian intelligence: The Washington Post states that the major cloud computing provider spun out of Hewlett-Packard revealed it had been hacked by a suspected Russian intelligence group.

  3. Nation-state actor Midnight Blizzard hacks HPE's cloud-based email system: MarketWatch reports that HPE disclosed a hack by a suspected nation-state actor called Midnight Blizzard on its cloud-based email system.

  4. Hewlett Packard Enterprise reveals hack by Russian state actor: CNN Business mentions that HPE's cloud-based email systems were breached by the same Russian hacking group that compromised other entities.

  5. HPE hit by Russian intelligence group that hacked Microsoft: NBC Connecticut reports on HPE being targeted by the Russian intelligence group that also hacked Microsoft.

  6. HPE says it was hacked by group believed to be Midnight Blizzard: covers HPE's statement that a suspected nation-state actor gained unauthorized access to its cloud-based email system.

Other Hacking Incidents: 7. Tesla hacked, 24 zero-days demoed at Pwn2Own Automotive 2024: Bleeping Computer reports security researchers hacking a Tesla Modem and earning awards at Pwn2Own Automotive 2024.

  1. Fort Worth ISD health council meeting hacked with pornographic images: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram covers the hacking incident during a health council meeting, involving the display of inappropriate images.

  2. Hacked Ohio Lottery restores ability to cash in big winning tickets: The Columbus Dispatch reports on the Ohio Lottery facing a cybersecurity incident where hackers may have gained access.

  3. SEC's X account hacked with 'SIM swapping': Cybernews mentions the US Securities and Exchange Commission revealing hackers hijacked its X account using 'SIM swapping.'

  4. JPMorgan Faces 45 Billion Hacking Attempts Per Day: Yahoo Finance reports on JPMorgan facing a high volume of hacking attempts, with CEO Jamie Dimon addressing cyber attacks.

  5. EquiLend, $2.4 trillion securities platform owner hacked: The Stack covers EquiLend admitting "unauthorized access" in a hacking incident involving a $2.4 trillion securities platform.

  6. Beware of rogue chatbot hacking incidents: Security Intelligence warns about hacking incidents involving rogue chatbots, specifically mentioning Bing Chat.

  7. Bitcoin ransomware gang claims to have hacked major UK water provider: Protos reports Black Basta claiming to have hacked a major UK water provider and demanding bitcoin ransom.

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Today's Hacked


  • JPMorgan Chase faces approximately 45 billion hacking attempts each day.
    • The number of hacking attempts on JPMorgan Chase has doubled compared to the previous year.
    • The bank invests $15 billion annually and employs 62 thousand IT experts to defend against cybercrimes.
  • A campaign targeting vulnerable Docker services deploys an XMRig miner and the 9hits viewer app on compromised hosts.
  • Hackers have breached the medical records at Crace Medical Centre, leading to a patient data breach.
  • LoanDepot customers are struggling to make mortgage payments after the California lender experienced a hack, with encrypted data.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler faces bipartisan backlash after the agency's social media account was hacked.
  • Two Russian nationals are charged in separate indictments with fraud and other offenses related to hacking campaigns.
  • Google's TAG research team has disrupted a malware campaign run by a Russia-linked hacking group.
  • A Russian hacking unit, tracked as "Cold River," is using a custom backdoor for the first time and has previously targeted U.S. nuclear facilities.
  • Fraudsters are using new techniques in a WhatsApp hacking scam to dupe people.
  • The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) expresses concerns over national security and integrity due to a series of hacking incidents against government agencies.
  • A list containing millions of credentials is distributed on a hacking forum, posing a security risk.
  • Naz.API credential stuffing list containing 70 million unique email addresses and old passwords found on a hacking forum.
  • Half of the fast-food restaurants in the USA are hacked simultaneously.
  • T-Mobile confirms customer data was hacked.
  • A 'nutrunner' wrench, with over 20 vulnerabilities, will be patched out in January as part of a security study by Nozomi Networks.

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Today's Hacked!


  • JPMorgan Hacking Attempts:

    • JPMorgan Chase & Co. is facing a significant increase in hacking attempts on its systems.
    • The number of daily hacking attempts has doubled to 45 billion per day.
    • This is a notable surge compared to the previous year.
    • Read more
  • Digital Traffic Sign Hacked:

    • A digital traffic sign was hacked, displaying antisemitic rhetoric.
    • Read more
  • UC Irvine Students' Online Forums Hacked:

    • Hackers targeted online forums used by UC Irvine students, posting extreme and disturbing videos.
    • Some students may have been hospitalized due to the content.
    • Read more
  • LoanDepot Mortgage Payments Struggle After Hack:

    • LoanDepot customers are facing difficulties in making mortgage payments after a hacking incident.
    • The company reported that its data was encrypted by an unauthorized party.
    • Read more
  • Tech Vulnerabilities:

    • A 'nutrunner' wrench, part of a security study, was unexpectedly hacked.
    • Ivanti VPNs were found to have zero-day flaws, leading to mass exploitation by hackers.
    • Read more | Read more
  • Widespread Hacking Scheme in Australia:

    • Thousands of Australian shoppers have fallen victim to a widespread hacking scheme.
    • Popular brands are affected, and a cybersecurity company has issued a warning.
    • Read more
  • Cooper Aerobics Hacked:

    • Dallas-based Cooper Aerobics has been hacked, impacting nearly 90,000 clients.
    • A notice has been filed, acknowledging the security breach.
    • Read more
  • Ohio Lottery Hacking Incident:

    • Erman Ayday, an assistant professor, discussed a recent "hacking incident" involving the Ohio Lottery.
    • Read more
  • Binge and The Iconic Hacked in Australia:

    • 15,000 Australians are affected after Binge and The Iconic faced hacking incidents.
    • The companies claim that their systems were not hacked, suggesting credential stuffing.
    • Read more

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