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What are some of the ways that you are finding and capturing new business?  One of mine is just sticking to a plan (my box method) which is email, mail, phone call an not so much of stop ins.  Would like to hear from others.


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40% of my business last year came from Schools or Government.  I found a few niche pain points that almost any District or Department would experience and used that as my lead in with the appropriate person.  For example, for schools, it was Common Core State Standards.  Learning the implications and compliance issues got me lots of appointments and 4 new Districts.  We utilize UCC Filing Data as another prospecting tool which works really well for having a leg-up when you walk in the front door with 24 months left on their current agreement.  Aside from phone-blitzing and the good old fashioned method, Google is my best friend for making Targeted Cold Calls.  I walk in the front door and know the President, VP, CFO and key employees, I read their Press Releases, and have an impact statement in my head so that as soon as I walk in, I know enough about them to give them ideas in a 5 minute introduction.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

I personally don't think there is a secret to it - just follow up and be the better rep. My competitors are huge companies; everyone knows who they are. However, their reps are lazy and don't visit their customers. Prospects are amazed when you have been following up with them within the past 3 years or so; meanwhile their current vendor has been through 3 reps already. It really is out of sight, out of mind in this industry.

You yourself Art dropped this pearl of wisdom a few days ago


"A few days ago, I was going through my "Who's viewed your profile" on Linkedin.  I try to connect with all of my second level contacts"


I was on a recent sales seminar and believe that the point of Linkedin is to get and  communicate with as many second level contacts as possible.


LinkedIn is definitely the new sales tool of the last few years.  I have been quilty of not using it effectively but now I put at least 30 minutes per week into it.  Think of it as your "digital business suit"!


I work with several sales people who have told me recent stories about how they got net new sales via LinkedIn.  Six months ago, Linkedin was just not part of the conversation.

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