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So I am sure we all have funny stories of wild places we've sold machines to. I'd like to hear them.

I just sold one today to a bookie at his house. I asked him what he used it for (before i knew) and he said I make copies about 18 weeks a year. I said for what and he said Jason you ask too many damn questions, but at least I have a new place to gamble and a nice commission on a used machine. 


I have also heard of one where the sales rep sold a porn store an MFP with a service agreement and he told the customer that when he needed toner to just call him. He took the toner that was included in the service contract and traded it for DVD's every time the guy needed toner. 

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About to hit 17 years in the industry now so seen a few..

Sold a scanner to a strip club, I was new to the industry and just a teenager at the time - made the mistake of asking what they wanted to scan

Had a "serviced" copier in a massage parlour (inherited the install base so I cant take credit for this)

Sold/installed copiers/MFD's to both of the last two Prime Ministers offices/houses

Installed a fax machine INSIDE a jail, there was a very dusty gap and some cables on the desk so I asked what happened to the last one... it was stolen

Installed a printer to print orders for an online Viagra business

Sold the colour printer used to generate the slides to pitch for the original Lord of The Rings Movie

That's all I can think of right now...


Picking up a signed order in the morning for a Canon color with hole punch and staple, from an Amish farmer-printer.

Best two parts of the qualification process was having to run samples of a digital plate to run his offset presses and ensuring the power was in spec to be run off of his diesel generator/alternator set up.  Oh yea, and he's got a tow motor we have to use to get it to the second floor.  

Been selling almost nine years and have been in lots of unique places too.  Starbucks roasting plant, chocolate, candy, snack food, meat and mobile home manufacturers; high end restaurants,  beauty schools, repositories, and probably a handful of other great places.  

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