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We've run into two accounts where Toshiba is proposing color unit- and the CPC is based on coverage  area of color( 5%- 10%)   pricing is variable.


Is anyone aware of them launching a product capable of doing this- like Xerox had with the Colorqube?

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I pretty much never see anyone proposing Toshiba color equipment, so I haven't seen this.  There are a few Kyocera dealers I've seen proposing their tiered color billing capabilities.  What shocks me is that no Ricoh dealers have started marketing this.  The Cxx02 series & Cxx03 series have the ability to report multiple tiers of color coverage for billing purposes, but in a market with 7 dealers + RBS selling RFG products I have yet to see a single dealer pushing it.  

Very interesting.


Has anyone else seen Toshiba MFPs selling with tiered CPCs?


Art, how were these deals structured?


I'm seeing more and more of this from Kyocera (and less and less from Xerox ColorQube), but I'm interested to see how billing evolves once metering/billing and accounting technology catches up.







Hi, we sell Toshiba in the UK. The current colour range can run with a two tiered counter already.


We used to sell the Kyocera range with this feature it seemed to be good and won us business, but lost us money in service.


When colour costs are dropping to 4p, the percentage of toner from the 4p is getting less. So to breaking this down into 3 tiers could seem marginal. But let say you could offer 1.5p for 2% coverage then 2.5p for 2-5% coverage and then 4p for above, you have now lost out on all those low coverage copies. Then any high colour coverage will eat into the 4p, so you end up making nothing. The only true way is to have the high end at 6/7p. But then you compete against this by telling the client its 4p across the board and they are happy. Unless everyone does this then its not worth it. Un less I'm wrong!!!

In Canada, no such plan exits nor am I even aware the capability exists within Toshiba copiers. In my market, multi-tier pricing for color does not comes up in competitive pricing.  For a 25 cpm, pricing seems to be holding steady at $0.010 Black and $0.070 color for single units.  I have seen less and sometimes we move the cpc around a bit.  For example, when we set up a copier we build the initial toner costs into our equipment costs.  That gives us 32,000 colour pages to play with.

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