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Hey Gang,

Interested to hear from anyone selling Riso's high-speed/volume inkjets.

How are these products working out for you?  

What type of customers/settings are you selling these into and what applications are ideal for these systems?

What products do you think complete against these Risos?



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I know this isn't, most likely, the perspective on the actual usage of the riso's but we had looked at becoming a dealer when someone in our market went out of business. They were the only riso dealer in our market. I find it easy to sell against the riso unless someone truly needs 150 ppm and doesn't care about anything else. It seems I only see them in church's now where they are very old school and they say "that's just the way we do it and don't want to change." 

We decoded agaonst being a dealer as they wanted us to order 2 or 3 color machines up front at about a 25k price tag each. We went back and forth on it and just decided it wasn't a good fit for us. I know they are out there but I have yet to see a newer color one in the field.

We've had very little success with them in the years we've been a dealer.  They run well but they are a hard to move item.  Support  from the manufacturer was non-existent but they are making a renewed effort now in that regard.  Just doesn't seem to be much of a market for a real expensive really really fast machine with marginal image quality.  We still do well enough with their duplicators and the supplies for them to stay in the game.  I just don't think the Comcolor products are priced right.  Not even close.  They might even be better off to lower the hardware cost 30% and increase the CPC 30% to get some boxes out there.  Just a tough sell.

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