MFP Industry Notes

MFP Industry Notes October 14th, 2018

October 14th 2018

Toshiba records loss

- Has received a request for indemnification of a loss of approximately $42 million from its former memory chip division based on the indemnity clause in the share purchase agreement for sale of the division

- Toshiba will pay and record the loss in its FY18 business results

Hyland wins ECM contract

- Award from Cobb County of Georgia

- Will implement OnBase from reseller, ImageSoft

Sharp launches new steam oven

- Sharp, a division of Hon Hai Precision of Taiwan (aka Foxconn) is now shipping the Superheated Steam Countertop Oven

- Combines steam and conventional radiant heat to cook and brown food

- MSRP of $399

- (unknown how much R&D was invested to create this product)

Sharp selling off building

- Listed a 165,000 square foot building in Camus, Oregon for $17.95 million

- Previously was an R&D facility

Canon to launch new A4 b/w laser MFPs

- Will be named the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 715i II series

- Range from 51ppm to 71ppm

- 10.1" color touchscreen LCD control panels

- 250GB hard drives


- Auto duplex

- Document feeder scans both sides of original at same time

- WiFi and NFC printing

- Uses all-in-one toner/drum cartridge

(these systems are kick butt A4 game changers, hoping I don't have to sell against them)

Canon moves wide format printer facility

- Previously the Oce’ Arizona wide format flat bed color inkjet systems were built in Vancouver, Canada

- Now being built in Poing, Germany

- Claims to have 7000 units in field worldwide

Canon wins MPS contract from university

- Award from University of Louisville, in Kentucky

- Replaced Xerox

- Include CRD (print/copy center)

Canon to launch line of inkjet copiers

- New models will be called WG7200 Series

- 4 models with top speeds ranging from 40ppm to 50ppm in "General Mode" at 600dpi o Top speeds of 70ppm to 80ppm in "Office Document Mode" (lower quality 300dpi)

o Print speeds quoted based on page with 5% fill per color (so could be much slower than advertised based on content of page)

- Inkjet print head width of 13" o Uses Canon’s FINE (full photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering) stationary inkjet printhead (competes with HP’s PageWide products)

o Optical and in-nozzle sensors monitor ink delivery

o Uses aqueous (water-based) inks

- Paper size support from 4" x 6" to 13" x 19" o Does not support glossy media

o Comes standard with two 550 sheet paper drawers and 50 sheet stack bypass

o Can add two more 550 sheet paper drawers

- 5" color touchscreen LCD display

- 6.5 second first color copy out time

- Document feeder scans both sides of original at same time o Scan speeds from 40opm to 65opm

- Optional fax boards

- No finishing options

- MSRPs, operating costs and ship dates not yet announced

(where oh where is Ricoh in all of the recent ink based MFP's? At lease HP, Epson and Canon see's the light at the end of the tunnel)

Woman arrested for toner theft

- Las Vegas, Nevada police arrested Jennifer McCain Bray for allegedly using her position in the purchasing department of the Las Vegas Valley Water District, for ordering toner cartridges from Staples and selling them to an Internet company (run by Pakistanis), which sold them online

- Was ordering an average of $40,000 per month, for total of $4.3 million worth of supplies before being apprehended

- Used illegally gained profits to buy a new casita, swimming pool, several luxury RVs, 5th wheels, dune buggies and other items.

- Now facing up to 20 years in prison

Xeikon offers new toner for its PPS systems

- Now shipping reformulated QB-1 toner for its high speed color LED printing systems

- New toner meets regulatory changes for food packaging and labeling

Xerox offer new embedded apps for MFPs

- Rolled out more ConnectKey apps for its VersaLink and AltaLink MFPs

- Connect App for

- Audio Documents App, transform hardcopy into audio files

- Connect App for QuickBooks Online

- Connect App to Concur (ship later this year)

- Forms Manager App (route via QR codes to email addresses)

- Quick Link App, sends email from device containing links to install, and connect computers or mobile devices with drivers and settings, for fast printing with IT support

- Connect App for Blackboard

- Connect App for Remark Test Grading

- Proofreader Service App has spellcheck, grammar, style and plagiarism check

- Pricing not announced

(I'm impressed with the hardcopy to into Audio Files app,  Curious if we can select different voices.  Nuance once has this with one of thier .pdf products)

Xerox exec interviewed on dealer signups

- Xerox’s Pete Peterson, was interviewed by CRN magazine

- "we have had about 400 partners that have gone through this (ConnectKey App solutions) whole training"

- "In the US there are probably 2,100 to 2,200 of them (copier dealers). They are very print centric, and in most cases not a lot of them are leading with Xerox" o "So we have signed up just shy of 10% of them – so just under 200 – in the last 18 to 24 months."

o "That business is growing for us. If they have got another manufacturer on their line card, and our products and solutions are a little bit more robust, it makes a difference’

- "The second route to market….is the IT resellers. They are roughly 60,000 or 70,000 IT VARs in the US and over 10,000 of them buy something that we sell" o "And we are only selling to maybe 20% of the 10,000 today. That is a huge opportunity for us to expand our products and solutions into the marketplace"

o "The best way to reach the SMB community is through IT VARs" "That is who they sell it to – 80% plus of their revenue is coming from SMB"

"That is attractive to us. Xerox could never get there on our own."

"In IT VAR business, 75% plus of that business is A4. A3 represents 25%. We are focused on driving that A4 platform through the IT VAR community"


- On signing up copier dealers: "We have this intelligence tool where we are taking our data, taking market intelligence data, to where literally we have about 400 different regions in the U.S." o "And we go in and say, we know exactly what our market share is there"

o "If we are in a market where our market share is sub 20%, we want to expand"

o "If we are in a market where we have what I would call adequate coverage – 25% or 30% - I am not interested so much in signing on new partners’

o "But if I am in market where I am at 5% or 10%, I want to sign as many as I can possibly can"

o "Even if we have a mono-branded dealer (Xerox only dealer) in a region, but we are sitting at 5% or 10% market share, I want market share. So I am going to co-invest to do more for us, but if that is not enough, then of course that is when you start looking at the multi-brand opportunities"

- "I believe there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 apps that are now available (ConnectKey apps for Xerox VersaLink and Altalink device control panels)"

Xerox wins production print contract

- Award from Four Films, a commercial printer in Kuwait

- Installed a new iGen 5 production color laser system

- Includes 5th toner option

New mobile photo printer

- Holga of Hong Kong launched the Holga printer

- Completely mechanical color photo printer

- Does not use power cord or batteries

- User presses smart phone screen down on device, and presses the shutter

- The camera inside snaps a photo of the screen, and outputs print using hand crank

- Uses Zink printing technology (special coated paper, but no ink or toner)

- MSRP of $48

More bad press for Samsung

- South Korean civic group has filed a lawsuit against Samsung chairman, Lee Kun-hee, who is son of founder

- Claims he illegitimately acquired the wealth of his later father

- Accused Lee of failing to pay inheritance taxes, by hiding the inherited fortune under accounts with other people’s names

- Police uncovered 260 fresh accounts under the names of 72 different Samsung employees, harboring $352 million worth of assets

- Including other accounts, the total is assumed to be in the billions of dollars

- In February, Lee was released from prison after previous sentence for corruption was suspended by South Korean judge

- Lee has net worth of $17.4 billion

Ricoh wins MPS contract from universities

- Award from University of Calgary, Canada o Claims to have saved 2.2 million sheets of paper or 208 trees

o Save 320,000 liters of water

o Save 90,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being sent to atmosphere

o (what is not mentioned is that in most cases, when one tree is removed in North America for paper, it is usually replaced by 3 new trees, trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, and prevent water moisture on ground from evaporating)

- Won a shared award with Xerox and HP from University of California San Francisco and University of Berkeley o Claims will save up to $4.5 million

o Includes 500 new devices at Berkeley campus

Copier dealer acquires managed IT firm

- Central Office Systems, headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, announced it has acquired Attivo Techonologies of Milwaukee, WI

- Attivo will close its Milwaukee office and move to Waukesha, with former owner, Christian Kerhin, now becoming VP of IT Services

Copier dealer acquires competitor

- Hilyard’s Business Solutions of Maryland announced it has acquired Automated Copy Solutions of Maryland

- Combined will now have locations in Salisbury (MD), Dover (DE) and Wilmington (DE)

- Carries Canon, Xerox, Sharp, Kip

Heidelberg to launch color inkjet press

- The new Primefire 106 will be based on Fujifilm color inkjet system

- Uses Speedmaster XL106 paper feeding system

- 29.53" x 41.73" maximum sheet size (B1 plus) o 18.5" x 18.9" minimum sheet size

o From 8pt to 24pt media handling

- Uses 7 colors of ink (CMYK plus green, orange and violet)

- Match 95% of Pantone gamut

- 1200x1200dpi

- Top speed of 2500 sheets per hour

- 80" available print uptime

- Printhead delivers 12 billion drops of ink per sheet from 175 heads with total of 364,000 nozzles

- Expected printhead life of 8 years

- Cameras and lasers in engine detects nozzle misfire

- A conditioning unit pretreats the paper stocks with water and phosphoric acid to coagulate the ink on the paper for fast drying time

- Ship date and purchase price not announced

HP CEO comments on recent dealer buy

- HP recently purchased a very large dealer in Europe, Apogee, for $499 million

- During the Canalys Channels Forum, HP CEO, Dion Weisler, was asked about the conflict this may create with other independent HP dealers in Europe

- "HP came across Apogee who were for sales and determined that if we don’t acquire them one of our competitors will"

- ‘as a defensive move, we acquired Apogee to help us learn and grow and accelerate our sales there more quickly"

- "we still do 87% through the channel and you should expect that we don’t change that composition largely at all"

HP offers new security services for its MFPs

- Launched FutureSmart 4 Firmware, for its enterprise-class printers and MFPs o New more intuitive interface for users

o Serverless Job Accounting to record analytics without central server

o Print setting can be mirrored via USB to new printers

o Will be included in new models but did not publish cost to upgrade existing models

- Microsoft SCCM Integration o Claims to be first printer/MFP OEM to offer this integration

o Enabled IT management to use one tool to configure printer/MFP security with all other SCCM connected devices on network

- McAfee SIEM Integration o Achieved certified integration with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

o Provides actionable intelligence to respond to potential malware attacks on HP devices

- Immersive Analytics Service o New component of HP Business Intelligence Services

o HP consultants assigned to pinpoint behaviors to accelerate digitization and risk reduction

Kyocera makes acquisition

- Kyocera (aka Kyoto Ceramic Company of Japan) announced it has acquired JANUS, a dealer in the Czech Republic

- Will be renamed Kyocera Document Solutions Czech with 2 locations

- Purchase price not announced

SuperWeb wins production print contract

- Super Web of Long Island, NY announced it won contract from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee for its CRD (inplant print shop)

- Installed a WEBJet 200D continuous feed color inkjet press

- Uses Memjet inkjet print technology

- Top speed of 158 feet per minute

Kodak wins production print contract

- Award from Walton Press of Georgia

- Installed new NEXPRESS ZX3900 production color LED system

- Included 5th toner option

Copier Industry Notes 9/30/2018

Fuji and Xerox continue to battle in court
- Fujifilm’s attorneys asked a New York State appeals court to life an injunction that is preventing Fuji from taking over Xerox
- Fuji’s attorney, Eamon Joyce, stated that the injunction should be lifted “because everything this injunction was founded on has not come to pass…there is absolutely no reason to keep this injunction in place this many months”
- Xerox’s attorney, Richard Marooney, stated reason for keeping injunction in place to prevent takeover “That is why this is the steal of the century. That is why they (Fuji) so desperately want to get this injunction lifted”
- The panel of 4 judges have yet to make a ruling
Xerox has new options for PPS model
- New offerings for its Brenva HD production color inkjet press
- New duplex speed kit to increase outspeed from 182ppm to 275ppm for duplex
- Optional Tecnau SheetFeeder BV roll feed system
Xerox receives security authorization
- Claims it is the first vendor to receive the FedRAMP certification for cloud-based managed print services
- FedRAMP (federal risk and authorization management program) standardizes security assessment, authorization and monitoring for cloud products and services
Xerox wins MPS contract
- Award from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service department
- Will reduce the amount of output devices by 90%
Ricoh invests in data security solution
- Announced it has deployed Pulse Secure Enterprise Suite
- Provides secure remote access for its 97,000 employees worldwide
- Hopes to prevent intrusion of malware and ransomware
September 30th 2018
Ricoh executive interviewed
- CIO Journal magazine interviewed Ricoh Americas CEO Joji Tokunaga
- “In the enterprise environment they have a legacy procedure. Whether they like it or not, they print”
- “So convincing the customer to re-look at their workflow by itself is a challenge for the organization. Simply, that is redundant work in many cases, and they get pushback from each department. Typically the CIO has a strong view, but each department says no, no, no especially departments like legal”
- “Ultimately the paper document in the office environment will continue to diminish. But it is still a print environment…”
Ricoh launches new A4 color laser MFP
- Now shipping the MP C501SP, a 50ppm device
- Replacing MP C401
- 4 tandem OPC drum design
- 5.7 second first color copy out time
- 24 second warmup time from sleep mode
- 1200x1200dpi
- Document feeder scans both sides of original at same time
o Top scan speed of 110ipm for simplex and 180ipm (90opm) for duplex
o Holds up to 220 originals
- Comes standard with two 550 sheet drawers and 100 sheet bypass
o Top drawer holds letter size only
o Auto duplex up to 256gsm
o Max of 2,300 sheets with options
- 10.1” touchscreen color LCD control panel
- Optional fax board with 200dpi
o RAM option to boost to 400dpi
- Built-in print controller
 Optional 4GB RAM
o 320GB hard drive
o Comes standard with data security (but does not mention if it is ISO certified)
o Intel 1.75GHz processor
o 10/100/1000BaseT & USB ports
o Scan to email, SMB, FTP, URL, USB
o PCL, PS print drivers
 Optional Adobe PostScript and XPS print drivers
Toshiba hires new executive
- Announced that Taro Shimada is new Corporate Digital Business Chief Strategy Officer
- Unlike most previous executive who were promoted from within Toshiba, Shimada is from Siemens
- experience in hardware development, ranging from aircraft and automobiles to precision machinery design and heavy industry
- experienced engineer and expert in robotics
- will spearhead strategic business expansion of Toshiba’s digital transformation business
- support the continued introduction of highly advanced IoT at Toshiba’s factories
Toshiba launched a new brand identity
- new tagline is “Essence of Toshiba”
- restatement of purpose and values for the company which has been plagued by financial scandals over last several years
- applies to all Toshiba companies
- will be supported by a global advertising campaign
Toshiba wins MPS contract
- award from the City of Hialeah, Florida
- includes new MFP fleet and management of existing printer fleet
- contract includes 24/7 support option
SMBs and print
- research published by Quocirca
- 66% of SMB’s (small to medium-sized businesses) expect print to be important to their business in 2025
- 81% believe digitizing paper-based processes is important
- 47% are looking to invest in digital workflow solutions
- 63% wants all paper documents scanned
- 60% believe digital content is more secure than paper
- 55% want a “device-as-a-service” in future, rather than buying output devices
- top print management challenges include:
o Enhancing security at 53%
o Improving business process efficiency at 52%
o Reducing consumable costs at 52%
Auditor says OSU spends too much on print
- Report from Auditor Dave Yost about Ohio State University
- Believes university could save more than $6.4 million per year by optimizing printer and copier usage
- Suggests eliminating excess copiers and printers
- “We welcome this report”; sated Michael Papadakis, OSU’s CFO.
Printware launches inkjet PPS
- Printware of St. Paul, Minnesota, launches new production color inkjet systems using technology from Memjet.
- iJetColorNXT is an envelope press:
o vacuum conveyor system
o single page wide inkjet print head
o 4” to 14” media width
o Up to 17” media length
o 8.7” maximum imaging width
o Max thickness of 1”
o Top speed of 6000 per hour
o Base MSRP of $29,995
- iJetColorPro is a color inkjet press
o full bleed imaging
o speeds from 7,120 to 10,000 impressions per hour
o vacuum paper feeding
o base MSRP of $59,995
- customer is apparently responsible for servicing their own product, and buys supplies as needed
HP wins production print contract
- award from Las Vegas Color Graphics of Nevada
- installed two Indigo 1200 production color systems
- will be used primarily to produce promotional print and variable direct mail pieces
- for use at sporting events, concerts, gambling and golf tournaments
HP updates new PPS models
- HP Indigo 6900 production color system now supports Invisible Yellow, Invisible Blue and Silver metallic ink options
o Yellow and blue only visible under UV light for security and anti-counterfeiting measures
- HP Indigo 20000 production color system now support media up to 350 microns thick
o Optional Premium White ink
HP offers voice activated printer
- Launched the new Tango printer
- Desktop color inkjet printer
- Users use an app to communicate with Tango
- Print using cellular data or WiFi connection
- Base MSRP of $149
- Printer has optional fabric covers including indigo linen, charcoal, cork
Canon wins production print contracts
- award from Specialty Print Communication of Niles, Illinois
o installed an Oce’ ProStream 1000 production color continuous feed inkjet system
o used to produce marketing materials for “luxury brands”
- award from Darwill of Hillside, Illinois
o installed an Oce’ ProStream 1000 production color continuous feed inkjet system
- award from Plum Grove Inc. of Hoffman Estates, Illinois
o installed an imagePRESS C8000VP production color laser system and an imagePRESS 1135+ production b/w system
o will be used to produce direct mail
Canon to resell PrinterLogic solutions
- announced it will offer the serverless printing solution to its customers and dealers
- provides centrally managed direct IP printing platforms, allowing companies to eliminate print servers
- will be fully integrated into imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFPs
Sharp launches new color PPS models
- now shipping the MX-8090N and MX-7090N production color laser systems
- top speeds of 80ppm and 70ppm respectively
- 5.6 second first color copy out time
- 90 second warmup from sleep mode
- 220 volt, 10amp
- Document feeder holds up to 150 originals
o Top scan speed of 100opm or 200ipm
o Scans both sides of original at same time
- 15.4” color LCD touchscreen on armature
o Retractable 101 key keyboard
- licensed by Pantone
- advertised as offering 8 bit image processing (but does not state if this is per pixel)
- 1200x1200dpi (9600dpi x 600dpi)
- Mycrostoner-HG3 toner technology
- Developer refresh system
- Auto process control with image density sensors to image consistency
- Registration sensors detect position of registration patches printed on transfer belt
- image shift function to automatically adjust front to back registration
- uses 4 tandem organic photoconductor drums
- 3,100 sheet paper capacity standard
o Maximum sheet size of 13”x19” and banner print up to 1300mm
o Handles up to 300gsm, with auto duplex of 300gsm
o Optional 500 sheet bypass
o Optional two 5000 sheet LCT trays
 Optional triple air feed system
 Multi-feed detection system uses ultrasonic technology
- Finishing options:
o Optional curl correction unit
o Multiposition stapling
o 2 or 3 hole punch
o Booklet making
o Trimming module
o Multi fold unit
o Cover inserter
- Built-in print controller
o PS print driver
o 1 terabyte hard drive
o Scan to email, FTP, SMB, USB, HDD
o OCR for scan to MS Office, PDF formats
o optional EFI Fiery servers
- optional Plockmatic Production Booklet finisher
Sharp launches new b/w A3 MFPs
- now offering the MX-M6570 and MX-M7570
- base MSRPs of $22,500 and $27,650
- top speeds of 65ppm and 75ppm
- 1200x1200dpi
- 10.1” full color touchscreen LCD control panel
o Retractable 101 key keyboard
- Black toner yield of 83,000 pages based on 5% coverage per page
o Developer and drum yield of 800,000 pages
- Comes standard with 3,200 sheet capacity
o Max with options of 6700 sheets
o Max of 12”x18”
o Handles up to 110lb. cover in bypass, and 80lb. cover in drawer
- Optional fax board
- Auto document feeder holds up to 150 originals
o Scans both sides of original
o Top scan speed of 200ipm or 100opm
- Finishing options:
o Inner stapling finisher
o Floor standing finisher with 65 sheet stapling
o 100 sheet stapling finisher
o Curl correction unit
o Booklet making with trimmer option
o 3 hole punch
- Built-in print controller
o 10/100/1000BaseT & USB ports
o Built-in OCR board for scan to MS Office, and searchable PDF
o PCL and PS print drivers
o 1.4GHz processor
o 500GB hard drive
 Comes standard with data security but for ISO certification, customer must buy optional data security kit
Fujitsu launches new high end scanner
- now shipping the new fi-7300NX
- 4.3” color LCD touchscreen control panel
- Base MSRP of $1395.00
- Comes standard with PaperStream NX Manager, a server-based network scanning application that offers image processing, centralized scanner and job management
o SDK for connecting to 3rd party applications
- 10/100/1000BaseT & USB ports
- TWAIN and ISIS drivers
Dealer acquisitions and expansions
- Just-Tech of LaPlata, West Virginia, announced it has acquired Document Solutions of Morgantown, West Virginia
o The combined dealership is authorized Xerox dealer
- Advance Business Systems, headquartered in ****eysville, Maryland, announced it is opening up new location in Rockville, Maryland
o The Ricoh/Canon dealer also has location in Frederick, MD
Growth of document capture solutions
- Research published by Harvey Spencer Associates
- Total market grew 11.3% in 2017 to $4.1 billion
- Projected to grow 11.4% CAGR through 2022
- Leading destination for scans was accounting systems at 28%
EFI wins production wide format contract
- Award from Custom Color Corp. of Lenexa, Kansas
- Install of EFI VUTEk HS125 production color inkjet hybrid flatbed/roll inkjet system
- Includes EFI Fiery print server
- Will be used to produce printed G-FLOOR polyvinyl flooring

-=Good Selling=-

MFP Industry Notes 9/16/2018

Xerox names new executive
- hired Joanne Collins Smee as chief commercial officer and a member of the company’s Executive Committee
- responsible for sales excellence, channel strategy, order to cash and technology, services, software, and future solutions offerings
- previously worked for fed agency in Technology Transformation Services
- also worked at IBM (current Xerox CEO is also from IBM)
Xerox wins production print contract
- award from Minuteman Press of North Palm Beach, Florida
- installed new Iridesse production color laser system
- “The ability to add high-end features such as gold and silver metallics along with iridescent gradients and clear spot embellishments to any digital print project is a big differentiator for our print shop,” said Dennis Beck, Owner
- Will be used to produce business cards, brochures, invitations and presentation folders.
Xerox signs up more dealers
- Claims that it signed up more than 50 dealers in 2017 to be authorized to sell and service Xerox MFPs in the U.S.
- Claims it is on track to add another 50 dealers by 2018
o One of its new dealers, Automated Business Products, owned by Paul Archer, recently won a $1 million RFP for 40 devices, including PPS
- Xerox dealers have option of using their own technicians and/or Xerox branch technicians to service MFPs and PPS in the field
HP previews new 3D metal printer
- in 2020 will it begin to sell the MetalJet, at a price just under $400,000.
- will use binder-jetting technology
- a total of 60,000 nozzles in each machine
- “will be the lowest operating cost in the industry”
- The first two customers, GKN and Parmatech, have begun testing parts for their customers at HP Labs’ facilities in Silicon Valley and Barcelona. GKN
September 16th 2018
Computer server sales update
- IDC reported that in the second quarter, worldwide sales of servers experienced an astonishing 43.7% growth rate, to $22.53 billion dollars
- largest quarter for server sales in the history of information technology
- Server shipments rose by 20.5% to 2.94 million units, also a record number.
Toshiba to resell Brother devices
- In addition to HP and Lexmark products, Toshiba dealers and branches now will carry Brother A4 products
- will resell the Brother Value Print Program (VPP) which includes extended warranties
- portfolio includes document security, workflow solutions, mobile and cloud applications
- supported by the Brother Special Solutions Team (SST), a team of field service solutions engineers
- will also have access to the Brother Knowledge Center, a partner portal designed to train and provide resellers with information
Toshiba opens new branch in Mexico
- opened new 38,000 square-foot building in Guadalajara Mexico
- invested $2-million
- will employ 164 people
Toshiba annual national dealer meeting
- held their dealer conference in Las Vegas NV Sept. 4 – 7 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
- attended by 1,700 employees, dealers, partners and end-user customers
- Reported that its MFP unit sales are up 8% worldwide
o e-STUDIO color MFP sales up 6%
o A4 up 70% (due to RPF win from 7 Eleven convenience stores)
o (sales totals include HP and Lexmark product)
- Announced large contract wins in past year including:
o Home Depot
o The Staples Center
o Buffalo Bills
o The StubHub Center
- 26 newly announced copiers and printers
- Demonstrated new Elevate user interface on its new MFPs
o allows for customization
o customers can do everything from run ads on the screen to set up apps that run with specific vertical and horizontal workflows
Toshiba to launch new A4 MFPs
- will ship in October, 2018
- the sSTUDIO 389Cx and eSTUDIO 479c are color laser A4 MFPs
- top speeds of 40ppm and 50ppm respectively
- The eSTUDIO 478s is a new b/w laser MFP with top speed of 50ppm
- Apparently, the above models will be sourced from Lexmark (aka Ninestar)
Brother launches new TV ad campaign
- tagline for new ads is "Make Your Business Hum"
- "Businesses continue to expect more from less – more security, convenience, efficiency, but with less cost and hassle," said Bill Henderson, VP of Brother
o "As we've grown this business over the past few years, we've been investing more than ever in awesome people and superior device technologies, solutions and programs. These investments not only better position Brother as a document solutions leader, but also make choosing Brother easier for business and IT decision makers."
- Hopes to expand awareness of Brother document imaging technology to both existing and prospective channel partners and end-user customers
Ricoh executive speaks at Climate Week
- Ricoh’s CEO Jake Yama****a named a featured keynote speaker with leaders from Bloomberg, Microsoft, ZipCar at Climate Week in New York City
- shared insights into ways in which Ricoh is taking action against climate change
- company has committed to eight of the outlined goals including affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, and climate action
Canon to partner with Hitachi
- Hitachi Consulting and Canon announced will form an alliance to “Advance Digital Innovation”
- Hitachi Consulting USA, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a provider of digital and IoT business solutions
- “will leverage their respective strengths to integrate imaging into digital solutions that will help clients reduce costs, accelerate innovation and create new revenue streams.
- collaborating on AP Invoice Automation solution, which enables digital imaging capture of travel and expense receipts for improved and automated expense reporting and processing
- Hitachi Consulting will also become a of Canon’s AP Automation solution
Canon launches new color wide format
- announced the launch of the new Océ ColorWave 3000 series of large-format color printing systems
- the Océ ColorWave 3500 and 3700 systems offer
o media capacity of two to six rolls
o Océ Print Assistant automatically suggests the right print mode for the job based on the file content, detects media requirements and the printer automatically switches to the right roll
o Océ Image Logic technology scans through advanced image enhancement
o multi-pass color printing technology
o uses Océ CrystalPoint melted wax printing technology
o Océ PAINT technology provides nozzle failure compensation on the fly
Nuance authorizes Staples to sell solutions
- offering Nuance Document Imaging solutions to customers of Staples Technology Solutions, a division of Staples, Inc., whose services include managed print services
- Staples will be selling Equitrac, AutoStore and Output Manager
- Nuance is providing all post-sales support, installation and professional services.
Staples to acquire competitor
- Staples’ determination to sweep Essendant away from S.P. Richards seems to have borne fruit.
- Staples offered to buy Essendant to $12.80 per share in cash.
- Essendant announced that it has determined that the offer from Staples is superior and intends to terminate the proposed merger with S.P. Richards
Papercut wins university contract
- Award from Bowling Green State University of Kentucky
- “It’s basically the replacement for Pharos Remote Print. It allows students to print from their personal devices to University print stations,” stated Joel Arakaki, the director of client services for ITS.
- replacing some printers that were nearly a decade old.
- Gone are the old desktop printer release stations; now the printers simply have a touchscreen built in with a card reader attached
- The older Pharos system did not support printing from mobile devices
- ability for printers set to color to automatically detect a black and white document being printed from it and switch to black and white mode
- equipment provided by ComDoc, a Global Xerox company
Man steals 5 color MFPs
- According to Houston, Texas police, a man entered the Walmart located on South Post Oak shortly before midnight on August 27th and placed five Canon MFPs in a shopping cart in the store and then pushed open an emergency door, sounding the alarm
- An employee tried to intervene during the robbery and the man threatened to kill her if she came near him
Lexmark launches new solution
- introduced a new version of Lexmark Print and Digital Signage
- automates printing of signs and labels for stores, allowing retailers to print and publish on-demand signs, labels, and tags
- features enhanced mobile capabilities that allow store associates to make signage without leaving the sales floor.
- from AccessVia, uses one system to print paper signs with laser printers in the store; produce volumes of press-ready output for high-speed printing at a central location; and print electronic shelf labels, allowing brand consistency across all signs, and reducing IT costs.
Epson opens new showroom
- The Epson Technology Center in Carson, CA will showcase MFPs, printing solutions and applications
- includes wide-format printing portfolio, including dye-sublimation, signage, photography, and direct-to-garment printing solutions
- will be working with dealers to launch Epson Certified Solution Centers in key metropolitan areas later this year
Lexmark’s parent earnings details
- The Chinese company has published its financial results for the first half of the current financial year, ending June the 30th
- net profit for the period was 31.5 million yen ($4.6 million), up 130.78%
- 6.32% drop in operating income to 10.4 billion yen ($1.52 billion)
- net cash flow from operating activities rose to 555.2 million yen ($81.2)
- operating income from general printing supplies was up 61% to 1.53 billion yen ($224 million)
o gross profit up 35% to 382 million yen ($55.9 million)
o toner cartridge business saw a sales increase of 25%
- Lexmark division operating income 11%
o gross profit up 64%
o total number of MFPs/printers sold fell by 6.7% to 668,100 units
Sharp launches new A3 MFPs
- now shipping the MX-M6570 and M7570, both b/w laser A3 MFPs
- base MSRPs of $22,500 and $27,650 respectively
- top speed of 65ppm and 75ppm respectively
- 10.1” color LCD touchscreen control panel
o Optional keyboard
- 27 second warmup time
- 3.5 second first copy out time
- 1200x1200dpi (advertised as offering 9600dpi with interpolation)
- Document feeder scans up to 100opm
o Scans both sides of original at same time for 200ipm
o Holds up to 150 originals
- Toner yield of 83,000 pages based on 5% coverage per page
- Comes standard with 2100 sheet letter size drawer, two 500 sheet drawers and 100 sheet stack bypass
o Optional 3500 sheet LCT
o Drawers hold up to 220gsm
o Bypass holds up to 300gsm
- Optional fax board
- Built-print controller
o Actual maker unknown
o 500GB hard drive
o Scan to email, desktop, FTP, SMB, USB, HDD
o USB & 10/100/1000BaseT ports
o PCL and PS print drivers standard
o OCR board standard
- Finishing options:
o Booklet making
 Face trim option
o Curl correction
o Cover insertion
o Hole punch
o Multi position stapling
Dealer acquisitions
- PrintRX of San Antonio, Texas completed its acquisition of Copy Products, a Lanier dealer in San Antonio
- Elizabethtown’s Kerr Office Group (Canon dealer) of Elizabethtown, Kentucky announced it has acquired Office Environment Company of Louisville, KY
- Centric Business Systems bought out Richmond, Virginia’s Webster Integrated Technologies, combining a managed print services provider with an office equipment dealer.
- Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) has announced the acquisition of Tri State Business Equipment of Harrisburg, IL
o Tri State Business Equipment is Toshiba and Lexmark Dealer
Two PPS option suppliers to combine
- Plockmatic Group, maker of optional finishing equipment, has acquired Watkiss Automation Ltd. based in England
- extends the Plockmatic booklet making range into the high-end market segment where digital prints are created using both toner and advanced high-speed inkjet technology.
- Watkiss booklet making machines are sold under the PowerSquare brand
- . The newly acquired company also sells offline booklet making systems through a worldwide network of dealers, plus a range of selected finishing products through a direct sales team in the UK.
- Plockmatic Group of companies is part of Grimaldi Industri Group of Switzerland

Copier Industry Notes September 3rd 2018

420702Canon details first half year earnings

  • For the half-year, total sales worldwide increased up 0.1% (includes all divisions, i.e. cameras, etc.)
    • MFP/printer division sales worldwide were “in line with the first half last year”
      • Overall unit sales up slightly (A3 & A4)
        • b/w units down, color units up
    • sales generated by Imaging System Business Unit, which consists of digital cameras, inkjet printers, etc., declined year-over-year.
  • net income increased by 8.5%
  • “will focus on ongoing cost reductions”
  • Lowered its forecast for both revenue and operating profit

Canon solution now runs on Brother MFPs

  • Canon announced that its uniFLOW print management solution (aka follow me) can now work with select Brother MFPs
  • On select models, Canon provides an applet that can be downloaded to the LCD touchscreen

Canon exec interviewed

  • Profile magazine featured article on Pete Kowalczuk, President of Canon Solutions America
  • "I truly enjoyed the opportunity to have a down-to-earth, open conversation about my experiences in the business world”
  • Claims that Canon actively solicits customer input on research and development activities, service processes, and methods for providing solutions to support customer's businesses
  • formed Canon’s Enterprise Services and Solutions Production Customer Council
    • group of Canon commercial print customers
    • meet periodically for discussion on the state of the industry, and how the company can help them improve their businesses
  • also featured Mr. Kowalczuk's perspective on security as a hot-button issue in today's business world
  • "Security is the be-all and end-all right now,"
  • offers uniFLOW Secure Print functionality 

Xerox gets sued by Fujifilm

  • Fujiflim officially filed a $1 billion breach of contract lawsuit against Xerox for pulling out of the planned acquisition of Xerox by Fujifilm
  • Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
  • Two firms already have ongoing litigation in the Supreme Court of New York

Xerox names its top dealers in the U.S.

  • Top production print dealer = Loffler Companies, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Highest equipment revenue = Edward Business Systems/Virginia Business Systems
  • Highest equipment revenue growth = Usherwood Technology of Syracuse, NY
  • Newcomer of the year = United Business Technology of Gaithersburg, MD

Fujifilm reports losses in its subsidiary

  • Fuji's New Zealand office equipment business recorded a reduced loss before tax of $12.4 million in its 2018 financial year compared with $14.9 million in 2017
  • remains excluded from some government contracts after a $450 million sales and accounting scandal
  • Peter Thomas, managing director in New Zealand stated; “We have implemented a significant restructuring of our business, processes and culture”
  • "This has led us to re-focus on our core products and services for customers in New Zealand and is building the foundations for a long-term sustainable business."
  • sold its copy paper supplies business in the country to NZ Office Supplies to raise cash

HP CEO discusses A3 and MPS strategy

  • HP CEO, Dion Weisler claims that HP’s market share in the A3 MFP market grew 2% in the third quarter, and 9.1% in second-quarter 2018
  • “While I’m pleased with that performance and I’m encouraged by our progress that our team is making around our A3 business, we don’t expect that kind of growth each quarter, whereas I’d like to always remind everybody, we’re building a business for the long-term.”
  • also noted that HP continues to aim for 12% share in the worldwide A3 copier market by the end of 2020.
  • noted that although HP’s proposed acquisition of European mega office-equipment dealer Apogee for $499 million won’t significantly contribute to this goal

Companies leasing more equipment

  • U.S. companies’ borrowing to spend on capital investments rose 4% in July from a year earlier
  • The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) said the companies signed up for $8.2 billion in new loans, leases and lines of credit last month, up from $7.9 billion a year earlier.    

PaperCut provider now offers doc capture 

  • PSIGEN Software, Inc. of Madison, Alabama, a document capture vendor, announced a new partnership with Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI)
  • ACDI, headquartered in Benton, Arkansas, is one of the main distributors of PaperCut (HQ in Australia) in the U.S.
  • ACDI will serve as the exclusive North American Distributer of PSIGEN products to the copier dealer channel
  • solutions as each company looks to offer best-of-breed software for the entirety of the document lifecycle.

Sharp’s parent donates to university in WI

  • Hon Hai Precision of Taiwan, aka Foxconn, owner of Sharp, pledged $100 million matching gift to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to establish new research enterprise
  • funding to help establish a new interdisciplinary research facility for the College of Engineering
  • To receive the full $100 million, UW must raise another $100 million in private gifts over the next two years as part of a broader, $3.2 billion fundraising campaign dubbed All Ways Forward.
  • Hon Hai stands to receive $4 billion in public subsidies in exchange for building a $10 billion LCD panel factory in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin and creating 13,000 jobs
    • Has also purchased a seven-story office building in downtown Milwaukee for a regional headquarters and has said it will open "innovation centers" there and in Green Bay and Eau Claire.

Epson to diversify into drones? 

  • Epson announced the Drone Soar app
  • first full-featured AR app for DJI drone pilots using the Epson Moverio AR Smart glasses platform
  • delivers never-before-seen AR experiences for DJI drone users
  • includes rich AR content, flight telemetry data and video feed monitoring.
  • Developed by Silicon Valley-based YML

Dealer acquisitions

  • Fisher’s Technology, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, announced it has acquired Davis Business Machines, headquartered in Helena, Montana
    • Davis also has locations in Great Falls, Bozeman and Butte, Montana and is dealer for Konica Minolta and Ricoh
  • WiZix Technology Group of Sacramento, CA announced it has acquired Complete Business Systems of Livermore, CA
    • WiZix is dealer for Toshiba, Savin and Lanier
    • CBS is dealer for Canon & Ricoh
  • Kerr Office Group of Elizabethtown, Kentucky announced it has acquired Office Environment Co., headquartered in Louisville, KY
    • Kerr Office Group also has locations in Campbellsville and Hopkinsville, and is a Canon dealer


Large format printer market growth

  • IDC reports that large format printer market saw shipment growth of 3% year over year
  • For first half, shipments were up 3.5%
  • Total revenue up 5%
  • HP las largest marketshare, and had its shipments grow by 4%Lexmark to use Android in its MFPs 
  • During the Lexmark Dealer Road Show event in Boston, Lexmark announced that the control panel on the new MFPs being launched this year utilize the Android operating system
  • Other vendors to use Android including Ricoh, Samsung and HP

Note from Art:

I did not write this, this update is shared on the Print4Pay Hotel forums, all I do is reformat and post as a blog.