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Would You Be Interested in Making a $90K Commission for Selling One Imaging Device?

I'm raising my hand, can you see it!  I'm interested!

One of the main reasons that I'm still in sales is that I still have the desire to write my own pay check.  Unexpected expense, no problem, just grind the gears a little harder and a little longer and you can make the cash that you need. I'm sure that's the same for many of my peers that are in the copier business.

Twenty or so years ago, I had visions of grandeur that maybe just maybe one day I might be selling a really high end product (jets, yachts) and make some serious cash.  But, those weeks fell into months, then years and twenty years later I'm still in the same industry (that's not a bad thing).  My chance never came or maybe it did come and I didn't see it. 

About five or so years ago, I thought that Production Print devices would pan out to be a source of larger commissions. However, the manufacturers direct operations put the kibosh on that idea years ago when most decided that they'll drop their drawers on price just to get the box moved.

$90K Commission Check

Can you imagine getting a $90K commission check for selling one imaging device?  That would be awesome!  I also understand that in order to make the full $90K, a lot of things would have to go right, along with being in the right place at the right time.  

Ok, right time, right place, everything to fall just right so that we could secure the order.  Seems to me, that's something that we (salespeople) are experiencing every day of the week.  When was the last time you had an opportunity to bring home a $90K commission check?   I think about the margins that I have to work with.  In order to make $90K on one device for one sale I'd have to have $300K of GP built it.  Ah, that's not going to happen with selling just one copier or even a few production systems.

But, what I can tell you is that YOU can have these types of 90K commission opportunities.  Dang, I can have these types of 90K commission opportunities. 

Times are changing, hardware is changing and I'm all for it.  Recently I was able to secure a copy of the pricing and commission structure for Muratec  America a Konica Minolta Company complete line of Color Label & Packaging devices.  I was blown away with the commission structure that is being offered for sales agents!

Did I mention the sales agent part? 

Muratec is looking for sales agents in specific markets to sell their entire line of Color Label Press Series. 

PKG-675-banners_300x150Let me get back to the opportunity to make that $90K commission check.  Earning that $90K would mean that you would have sold their high end PKG-675i PKG & PKG-675L system. Now, I understand that opportunities like this are not an every day occurrence, however I also understand that every day beings a new opportunity.  Sooner or later you will run into one of these opportunities and wouldn't it be grand that you're at least in the running to garner and order like this?

There are also five other models of Color Label Presses that Sales Agents can sell.  Those commissions start at $7,000 and runs up to $82,000, depending on what model you sold.  In addition one of the best points of the program is that Sales Agents only sell.  All of the supplies, support, setup and training is handled by Muratec America.  

I'm not writing this because Muratec America

I'm not writing this because Muratec America asked me to, nor am I getting paid to write this blog. I'm writing this because I'm exciting that finally I could have the opportunity to make some serious commissions.   I can finally have leave that dream of having the opportunity to sell some big ticket items that are in my wheelhouse of knowledge.  Imaging is imaging, we're just using a different process to the image on the substrate.

The other reason for writing this is because I believe there are many of us that are not happy with what has happened to the copier business in the last seven years.  Margins shrinking, longer sales cycles, tons of competition, and let's face it all of our devices from all manufacturers perform well and are almost identical in what they do.

Am I stepping out on this new adventure?

I'd like to, but there are many things I need to address on a personal, financial and business level before I make the jump.  I may never make that jump, but I believe that there may be others who are reading this blog that may be ready for something new, something different, something exciting and something that can pay some big bucks. 

What I can tell you is that I want to have opportunities like these.

-=Good Selling=-