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5 Questions About the New Panasonic KV-S5078Y Network Scanner

5 Questions About the New Panasonic KV-S5078Y Network Scanner

On Tuesday evening I had the chance to speak with Brian Szoke  Partner Sales Manager - Document Imaging for Panasonic.  Personally I like keeping on top of trends and knowing as much as I can new applications and hardware.

Over the last 40 years it's been more about what you know and how I can translate that to clients to help them with their business challenges.  

I understand that the time of COVID19 is tough for all of us, however there are many businesses that are killing it even with COVID19.  Plus different parts of the country are not affected as bad as we are in the northeast.

Below is a transcript from our chat.  Please feel free to contact myself or Brian if you have any questions.

Hey Brian I think it was a couple of months ago that I saw a luanch for a new scanner?  Can you tell me something about it?

Yes we introduced the 5078Y third generation release of the KV-S5000 Series of Low Volume Production document scanners focused on 5 Major area’s

  • Speed & Performance
  • Superior Image quality
  • Quieter operation
  • Less maintenance / Longer life rollers
  • Network Connectivity

With the new 5078Y we increased the speed from 100 ppm to 120 ppm at 200 and 300 dpi.  We also increased the capacity by 10% making the feeder 330sheets and made the scanner more flexible on scanning various paper types from 5 to 56 lbs.  Anything from rice paper to card stock.

That's pretty cool especially the ability to scan from something so thin to heavy card stock. Are there any new image enhancement features with the KV-S5087Y?

We added even more on board image enhancements to the scanner for example:

  1. Faint Character Enhancement:  Just like it’s name makes light text/characters more clear. This features helps increase OCR accuracy when originals with light text are scanned
  2. Vertical line reduction:  Vertical Line Reduction detects and deletes vertical lines which are sometimes generated by dust accumulation on the scanning glass.
  3. Dust resistance coating:   This The conductive coating on the backside of the scanning glass allows paper dust to be repelled and prevents accumulation around the scanning glass.

You mentioned quieter operation, what was some the physical changes made to the new 5078Y Panasonic scanner?

Compared to its predecessor model, the KV-S5078Y has major improvements to reduce the overall noise generated during scanning. These additional improvements have lowered the operating noise down to 54db or less.

  1. Added quieter feeder bearing reducing knocking noise during Paper pickup
  2. Added medal sheets inside the scanner reduce document friction noise for quieter feeding
  3. New Paper feed motor for faster scanning and lower noise output

(Sound is measured in decibels (dB). For reference, normal breathing is about 10 dB, a whisper or rustling leaves 20 dB, and conversation at home are around 50 dB. A washing machine registers roughly at 70 dB, and a lawnmower is around 90 dB.)

I had the chance to review the spec sheet it mentions Panasonic Toughfeed.  What does the Toughfeed mean to my clients?

ToughFeed is combination of Panasonic’s features incorporated into our production class document scanners. ToughFeed is designed prevent unnecessary disruptions due to accidental damage to the scanner and reduce double feeding errors which can affect operational efficiency.

  1. Staple detection Stapled document detection is designed to prevent accidental damage to the Scanning Glass. The KV-S5078Y utilizes multiple sensors within the feeder to detect stapled documents. Once a stapled document is detected, the scanning operation is stopped immediately to prevent scratches to the scanning glass and the original documents.
  2. Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection  The KV-S5078Y is equipped with a ultrasonic double feed detection sensor. This sensor is not just designed to detect double feeds, but can also generate a double feed error in the event a document contains sticky notes, taped documents or pictures to the original.
  3. Intelligent Double Feed Detection Intelligent Double Feed Detection allows users to customize the error detection settings to allow certain routine documents which may purposely contain a label, receipt or picture to scan without triggering a double feed error.
  4. Redesigned the feed roller for long life and easy cleaning.

You also mentioned Network Capabilities, is this also a network attached scanner?

Yes the 5078Y also is equipped with a ethernet port. Making a 120ppm scanner network attached and give the ability to scan in a pull or push configuration.

Pull scanning method allows scanning to be initiated via PC over LAN using Image Capture Plus, TWAIN or ISIS drivers.  It's the same as if you were connect via a USB cable directly to PC the only difference it is connected directly to the network.

Push Scan Mode allows users to create pre-set network scan jobs on the KVS5078Y which eliminates the need for a connected PC. Up to 30 Presets can be configured for access through the device’s control Panel.

A user would simply walk up to the scanner and select a pre configure job and scan.  Scan to a network folder, scan to email , scan to a FTP site similar to a MFP.

Thanx Brian, hoping we can connect sometime in the near future.

Note from Art: In my 40 years of selling to SMB accounts I'll admit that I thought my MFP's could scan anything for anyone.  Yes I was somewhat naive with that thinking.  Clients want to scan every piece of paper that's in their workflow.  There can be a variety of different documents like rice paper, NCR, EKG's, warehouse tickets, thin paper and cover stock. In addition look at all of the different sizes of those documents. MFP's would be hard pressed to accomplish all of the different sizes of paper along with all of the different types of paper.

Think out of the box, be creative and keep educating your self because we still need to be the best avenue for clients that need help.

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