From: ricohaficio (Original Message) Sent: 2/2/2002 9:24 AM
This can be a topic of discussion for each month. Would like ot hear from everyone, good or bad, too see what type of numbers were posted.

I had a very good month.

8 units
$92,500 in total dollars
$14,500 in gross profit
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From: ricohaficio Sent: 3/8/2002 6:33 PM
Great job!, I was 123% of plan for the quarter and 310,000 in total dollars. Feb GP 16,200.00 Ya got me beat.

How was everyone else? My last 5 deals I have sold an AP3800C (all with different options)to all and along with a copier.
From: pkpetenj Sent: 3/9/2002 8:00 PM
I was "low volume specialist" in Feb. The biggest thing I sold was a connected 1022. (but that seemed to have been the case for everyone in our branch). I had 8 units including one fax, 4 printers, a connected 1018, and a 1013. Total revenue was 22,800 with 3,000 in GP. ( But as Art knows, my plan comps me on below base deals 2-8% of total dollars). But this month will be another story. God Selling folks!
rom: Graham Sent: 10/4/2002 1:36 PM
Whew....All closed this week.
What a way to start the month.... Gotta love the first of the fiscal year
2 Ricoh Fax
3 Panasonic Panafax
1 Panaboard
1 1045 Loaded Connected
1 Aficio 4506
1 1018D Connected
2 Lanier 2138CMF (Which is the same as the 3800CMF)
1 Lanier 2138E (same as the 3850 ricoh)

$70,000 week, not to shabby

Whew! And Next week I have a 1060, 6513, and 1018D closing for a small p4p customer.
From: LifesGr8 Sent: 10/7/2002 6:09 AM
Last month was lousy for me but last Friday I sold
2 connected 1060's
3800CMF (with help from a rep covering the branch office)
$32,000 KIP Digital Wide Format
Total of the deal...$108,000.

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