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Hoping someone can help me with some questions about the above device.

1) The entire paper erasing unit is now embedded in the device right, no more dual device configuration.

2) I'm showing the MSRP at $15,420 for the base unit is that correct and does that include the paper erasing unit?

3) What is the MSRP cost for the blue toner and what is the yield of that toner?

4) Is there a plan to include the blue toner with a cost per page model?

5) So you have a cost per page model for the blue toner, if so what is the cost per page?

6) Can any bond paper be used?

7( Why does the device slow to 35ppm with erasable blue toner?

Hoping someone can help with this

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Ok, I was told today that there is no MSRP for the toner, however I was able to get dealer cost and confirmation that the stated yield is 21,500 pages.   

I'm going to double the price for the MSRP, thus the cost would or should be in the area of $187 per cartridge.  Which means based on 5% coverage the cost per page for toner only is .00869

I also needed to do some research on paper cost.  I'm going figure in 35.00 per case since the erasable system should be placed in colleges, universities, K12 and maybe some government.  At 35 per case with 5,000 sheets the cost for paper is .007 per sheet.

1).  The new e4508LP uses the heat of the fuser to decolorize the blue toner to clear.  The seperate RD30 erasing device is still available and presents a few advantages. 

2). The MSRP does not include the seperate RD30 erasing device nor is it needed.

3). Not yet available.

4). Not yet available but probably.

5). Not yet available.

6). Regular 20 lb bond paper works fine.  28 lb bond paper will produce a better erase.

7). 45 cpm is the speed of black only. 35 cpm is the speed of the erase function as extra heat needs to penetrate the sheet of paper to get a good quality erase.

There is an all inclusive cpc charge for the Erasable Blue toner.  The cost per copy analysis suggests that if on a 60 month lease you do not expect the the customer to erase more than 210,000 pages (3,500 pages per month) you can forget the parts cost and charge the same cpc as for Black at around $0.010 per page with a decent profit.

There is no charge other than the users effort to recycle pages printed with erasable blue.

If a sheet of paper costs $0.010 and Erasable Blue costs $0.010 you can make the case that printing in Erasable Blue is free due to the paper savings.  Actually if you were to reuse the same piece of paper three times, it saves your company even more to print in Erasable Blue.  Not to mention the reduction in CO2 and water by not using virgin paper all of the time.

It is possible with the built in reporting features of the copier, that a real Eco warrior could track the recycle usage (or lack there of) of fellow employees and send friendly reminders to congratulate or modify their behavior.


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