April 09

Ricoh DX 4545 (Duplicator)
Ricoh DX 2330 (Duplicator)

Beluga Be C-1a (Wide Format)
Beluga Be C-1b (Wide Format)

Digital StoreFront 4.0

May 09

Aficio SP C231N
Aficio SP C232DN


June 09

Aficio MP 6001
Aficio MP 6001 SP
Aficio MP 7001
Aficio MP 7001 SP
Aficio MP 8001
Aficio MP 8001 SP
Aficio MP 9001
Aficio MP 9001 SP

July 09

Aficio SP 3400SF
Aficio SP 3410SF
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I have no clue!!! Thats all that was listed for the product, there was a TBA for model number.
If history is a proven indicator of future behavior, push these Launch Dates back at least one or two months for each Model series.
The Gelsprinters are the worst printers I have ever seen, rumor has it that Ricoh developed a wide format Gelsprinter and they are in the boxes waiting to go! The rumored problem is the print head dries out and the unit are worthless. Keep in mind that this is heresay!
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We were unable to convince Dealers to accept GelSprinters FOR FREE! Too many issues with the ones in the field!
At least we can compete against IKON and RBS with GelSprinters out in the street! Or, maybe they somehow get a better deal than FREE?
I have heard there is a MP171SPF for the replacement, however nothing yet from Ricoh. I will keep you update, anyone else have anything on this model??
I see that Europe has the 171. Looks and acts the same except for new options such as opt, 80G HD,DOS, HD Encryption, Scan to media, oh and 17cpm. Glad they didnt make any major changes. I think its a great little machine as is.
That new Priport looks interesting. Still little excitement over the fast plastic C900 model, yet I hear IKON is soon to get a promotion to move these idle boxes out of inventory.
acutally the "fast plastic" as you call it is stronger than a metal frame and cuts down on vibration.

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