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Can anyone help me with info on this product?   What's bad about the system, what's not working well?

I have a list of questions:

  1. Does the system come with LAN Fax?
  2. If so, can faxes be forwarded to a folder or email address? 
  3. What is the default file for forwarded faxes, .pdf, .tiff, jpeg?
  4. Can you set up a workflow scan button, meaning I press one button and the scan can route to multiple SMB folders, email addresses or fax numbers?
  5. Is the system capable of previewing scans on the GUI?
  6. Can the system perform auto naming of those scanned files?
  7. Can the system perform drop out color scan?
  8. Can the system auto remove blank pages?
  9. Can the system scan2M365 as a standard feature?
  10. Can the system perform mobile print from anywhere (not on the same network) as a standard feature?
  11. How about scan back to word or excel?

Anything I'm missing??

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