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Here's today's challenge. I've got a customer that currently has Papercut and is not happy with it for various reasons the biggest is no MAC integration. It looks like Print Audit will have that area covered relatively soon but yesterday they dumped the news that "Oh we also have 1000 Linux users that we want to capture" 

I know there's a whole host of challenges with Linux but does anyone know a vendor that claims to support Linux?  I understand that, like Sharepoint, every environment is different but at least a start-talk track on that would be a huge help. 


Thanks P4P Peeps, 


John Mooney

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So some clarification first.  PaperCut absolutely does support Mac.  In fact, it is the only cost recovery/print control solution that I know of that actually installs in an all Mac environment. (Server and Client)

It also is the only solution I know of that installs in a Linux environment.  So both of your issues are solved with PaperCut.  I included the install guides for Mac and Linux to get you started.




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