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A sales person asked me a black & white question and wanted a black & white answer…it’s not that simple.


The question, “when you print a PDF with mixed originals does it click black for black and color for color”.


My response was “it depends on how it was created and how it is printed (application)”.


This proves to be true, however I’m wondering why when I scan a document using Auto Color Select on a Savin MPC3004ex and then print it, it is treated as all color.  When, I copy the document using ACS it clicks black for black and color for color.  Can anyone explain this?

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JWS- Good luck getting your machine to count correctly! We went round and round with Ricoh and our rep about this. They swear it counts correctly, we know it doesn't. You are correct in that it can be application- dependent; some apps will click correctly, but Acrobat prints, when there are mixed originals, usually treat the whole job as color.

I experimented with different drivers (PCL / PS3 / Universal PCL), but could never resolve the issue for our client (a church).

BTW, the ame doc printed on a Canon ImageRunner Advance does count correctly.

Please respond to this post your findings.


Bill in GA

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