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Best Female Executive:   Laura Blackburn (Sharp)

Lifetime Achievement Award:   Bob Goldberg (General Council BTA)

Best A3 Manufacturer:   Toshiba

Best A4 Manufacturer:  Lexmark

Best Marketing Strategy:  KonicaMinolta

Best Leasing Company:  Great America

Best Software & Services Provider: ACDI (see my comments below)

Best in Class Manufacturer:  Toshiba

Best Male Executive:  Rick Taylor (KonicaMinolta)

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I wanted to respond to the "Best Software & Services Providers" Award.  It's my understanding and I could be wrong, is that a dealer survey is sent to "x" dealers with the above questions.

There were four nominees that I heard of and they were:

  • ACDI
  • FM Audit
  • Paper Cut
  • Square 9

Where is DocuWare, Nuance, Print Audit, PSIGEN, MWAI and the others?  Which got me to thinking.  Is Cannata using the same pool of dealers every year for the voting?  I'm thinking maybe yes, because these players in the nominees seem to be the same every year.  I'd have to go back to research, but it's just a thought and maybe the reason Rick Taylor has won many many times in a row.  Comments?

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