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Sometimes even us tenured reps can forget about the basics.  For the last few sales meetings from our "Director of Sales Enablement" has been hammering home a piece about existing clients if they know of anyone who might be interested in a device like theirs.  Here's what I sent our Director this AM.

"Thanx for keep drumming to get referrals from existing clients.  While prospecting last week I did that with an existing wide format client. He was away on vacation, thus I sent him a message via Linkedin asking how the wide format was doing and if he knew of anyone that might have a need.  Today I received a call from a friend of his that has an  office in the same building.  He is in the need to replace his current wide format and color MFP. Seeing him on Friday of this week."

Just though I would share with everyone

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Hi All

I am running into an issue often with leasing when it comes to organizations under 2 years in business, or in some cases limited business credit history and not all of the " Partners" of that organization who are willing to do a PG not listed on the State SOS filings.

I have tried multiple leasing companies and other financing avenues and have been unsuccessful getting a financing solution for the client short of asking them to pay for the equipment upfront which is not ideal.

Does anyone know of leasing or financing partners who will work with MFP/IT Vendors to finance equipment to Individuals which would still  be used at their company (With PG and good Credit) and not through their business name?

This case in particular one of the Partners who has agreed to PG the Lease is not listed on the SOS filing and our leasing partners will only look at a PG from the other partner which doesn't have as strong credit.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated!




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