This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Last Week of June 2005

Operation Red Wings, a counterterrorism mission in Kunar province, Afghanistan, involving four U.S. Navy SEAL members, took place. Three of the SEALs were killed during the operation, whilst a fourth was protected by local villagers and was rescued by the US military. In addition, an MH-47 Chinook helicopter carrying 8 Nightstalkers - members of the Army's elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) - and 8 US Navy SEALs was shot down while attempting to come to their rescue to provide extraction in the mountains of the Kunar province, Afghanistan.  (courtesy of Wikipedia)


          6/22/05 6:41 PM
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          being among the best in this segment of the market after subjecting them to its exhaustive testing," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of marketing for Ricoh. The winners in Segment 2 are the Canon imageRUNNER 2270, Panasonic WORKiO DP-2330, Toshiba e-STUDIO
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          6/24/05 9:47 AM
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          1013F with 200K, needs drums, unit has run great since day one. May also need PM. $275 Plus Shipping1018 w/Fax and Cabinet with approx 180K, $675. Plus Shipping.These units are coming off a 36 month lease and I am trying not to return to the leasing...
          6/27/05 1:11 PM
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          NIC for sale - not in box - we installed for customer then they decided to connect parallel and share. Paid $275 for it, will sell for $200 including shipping.Product code 410778
          6/27/05 7:03 PM
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          :// . Log onto the Web site with your Premier Plus user name and password, then follow the prompts to register for the Ricoh and Sun Java Solutions $100,000 Developer Challenge.  Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun
          6/27/05 8:20 PM
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          Are there any 1 year rentals available from Ricoh Corp?
          6/28/05 11:08 AM
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 See info at this link on Xerox
          6/28/05 4:45 PM
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          If you have one of these new in box, please give me a call if you are willing to sell. I need a replacement unit for one which has failed.My mobile....
          6/28/05 11:02 PM
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          I have a customer who has a Canon CL5000 and a CLC300, (also a 2190 & 2090 ricoh), they are currently using Doc Builder from EFI for thier Canons. His question: Since he is alrady using Doc Builder on the Canons, can he also use this for our new color
          6/22/05 1:24 PM
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          Does this mean all of their emails would be encrypted? If so, how can anyone outside of thier company read the email if it is encrypted? Do they really need the emails to be encrypted? I believe Ricoh now has an agreement w/ecopy. Try to give your DSM a
          6/22/05 3:02 PM
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          I was at a Ricoh meeting recently where the subject of a potential eCopy relationship was brought up. The Ricoh Rep came back to the meeting later after checking with higher ups and reported that there was not nor was there about to be a relationship
          6/22/05 3:31 PM
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          If Ricoh and E-copy arnt in bed together, somebody should tell E-copy parnership alliance Further I read an interview with the founder and ceo of Ecopy in (I think)Recharger mag and he was bragging that Ricoh was among there new partners.
          6/22/05 5:37 PM
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          Encryption is available on the new 2051/2075 series, plus other security features. The encryption is 54 bit, and only while the documents are on the hard drive. Ricoh is leaning hard towards SECURITY.
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