This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago 4th Week of September 2005

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          9/21/05 2:38 PM
          Topic by Guest
          They scan docs and they are compressing - when they print they get lines and skewing. Tech says it is not the copier but in the software.Anyone know what the fix is?
          9/22/05 4:12 PM
          Topic by Guest
          and causing a line to appear on the prints. Tech has no idea what is the problem - says it is not the copier but in the scanner or software. Any clues guys?
          9/27/05 9:51 AM
          Reply by Ted Ted is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Also, don't forget, the Canon 6800 is 68B&W/ 16 Color . The Ricoh is 60B&W/45 Color. The Canon is "convienience" color like the old 1224/1232 and the new 3224C. It is made to do no more than 30% color against 70% B&W. the 3260C can be just a color copier
          9/27/05 4:59 PM
          Reply by Ted Ted is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          With regard to the 0.0062 for black on the Canon.  The actual cost (toner inclusive) for the Canon is 0.003 vs 0.0042 for the Ricoh.
          9/26/05 5:39 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Can anyone email the Ricoh supported cost fact sheets for the new 3260. I am up against a Canon 6800 and they are quoting all inclusive, .0089 color and .0062 for black. Help!
          9/23/05 11:13 AM
          Reply by chops chops is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          It's not related to the Ricoh or Plotbase software. Must be an internal setting since the same problem occurs when printing to an HP printer.
          9/27/05 10:33 AM
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Ricoh claims that you can do .07 on color and make money.  The .0062 for black is the problem.
          9/22/05 1:19 PM
          Topic by Guest
          We are having difficulty gettting a 470 (version 3.1)to print from a MAC OS 9.  The directions we keep getting from Ricoh don't work. Has anyone had experience with this issue?
          9/23/05 3:57 PM
          Topic by Guest
          I just downloaded a brochure from Ricoh, the brcohrue states that the print/scan controller is standard with the system. However pricing dated from 8/18 and the connectivity cafe says you have add the controller as an option! Did Ricoh screw up the
          9/26/05 10:53 AM
          Topic by Ted Ted is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I just got a new laptop which has McAfee Security Center on it. I downloaded SDM for Client and some of the features don't work. when I am setting up Ricoh printers and it searches, it never pulls the list of printers up. What do I need to configure in
          9/27/05 4:57 PM
          Topic by Guest
          9/20/05 7:06 PM
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          If your VP of Op's is saying no, these may be the reasons. 1.) Your company is using Ricoh OEM parts and replacing parts when they should be replaced. 2.) Your management is not in tune with the industry and they have to understand that clicks drive
          9/24/05 11:57 AM
          Reply by Jayson Gilbertson Jayson Gilbertson is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
John, For basic printing you can use the HP 4L cups driver. Mac OS 10 runs on Darwin which is unix. The cups drivers work great for basic printing. If you need duplexing then you would have to add PS option. The only reason PS is need is because Ricoh
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