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Supply Chain Day One........Not Really


COVID is still so fresh in everyone's mind. For those of us in the copier industry we jumped from one frying pan to another frying pan at the end of COVID.  That second frying pan is the supply chain issues that we've been dealing with for some time now.

I believe it's been 8-10 months since the problems really hit home with many of the dealers and sales people.  For most of us the back orders are insane! Never in my 42 years of selling copiers did I every quote delivery might be expected in 3-5 months. In most cases in the past when asked, "When can we get the copier" it was not a question of telling the client 5-10 days the answer was always,  "When do you want it?".

I know of one manufacturer (Sharp) that is fairing better than others with delivery time to dealers and from what I've heard it's more about the relationship with Foxconn and chips. Seems once you break away from Sharp, then most manufacturers and dealers are having a really tough go of it.

My goal for this new series is not too post something every day but more maybe one or twice a week. In addition I would love to turn over some of the blogging reins to other members so they can blog on this issue as well.

I'd love top do done every day, however my goal for this year is to sell 3/4 of a million in back orders with down the street sales

PM me or hit up the response/reply to this blog and let me know if you want blogging rights.

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Toshiba Tec's recently revised consolidated financial report says it well, I think for all OEMs.

"... and on the profit front, operating profit and ordinary profit declined in contrast with the previously announced forecast owing to factors such as semiconductor shortages, soaring prices of components, tightness in international shipping transportation, increased shipping costs and delays in product supply due to COVID lockdowns in some areas of China."

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If you really want to know what is going on with the Supply Chain, this is the best source from a University professor who reports on it three times a week.


... long story short, the COVID lockdowns in China has made shipping containers a mess that will not resolve before many months.

There are 100s of ships off China's coast that cannot load or off load containers.  When that does eventually resolve, the USA West Coast is going to be bombed once again with incoming container ships all arriving at the same time.

Most copiers entering North America do so via containers.  Air freight is too expensive and too overbooked for most copiers.  Diesel price has soared to record highs for trucks delivering copiers locally.

OEMs are allocating their precious chip supplies to higher value A3 product over A4.

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