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Optimize document-based company processes by defining clear rules with DocuWare Workflow Manager

Last week I reached out to our friends from DocuWare for part three of this five part series about business workflow. 

Optimize document-based company processes by defining clear rules with DocuWare Workflow Manager.

This DocuWare module employs a high-performance graphical user interface enabling you to easily create and edit workflows. There is no need to pay for programming: develop simple to highly complex processes by using easy to recognize symbols. You assign employees and tasks, and define substitution rules in case of employee absence. You also determine which event should set a workflow in motion. With escalation and reminder management, businesses keep moving forward.

  • Track all processes in the workflow sequence.
  • Depending on which kind of document is stored, this may trigger another workflow, for example the invoice workflow in the case of an incoming invoice.
  • Clear guidelines tell the employee what to do in a specific task. Every employee has their own task list to work with and supervisors have transparency.
  • Determine the conditions for forwarding documents or for actions that must be executed before or after a deadline passes.

DocuWare customers from large enterprise installations to medium sized offices and departments can now experience the benefits of a customized workflow-one that mimics their paper processes. Digital documents, email, and scanned paperwork, are now securely managed and day to day operations proceed at a faster pace—saving time, paper and money.

An Authorized DocuWare reseller is the best resource for the installation of this product and specialized programming skills are not a requirement for the customer.

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