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Mask, Vaccinate or Do As I Say!


Note the picture of Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey.  Our beloved Governor was in attendance at the New Jersey State League of Municipalities today in Atlantic City, NJ giving a speech to those guests pictured.

I'm thinking this was a select group of guests he was speaking to. However let me regress a bit.  Each year the NJLM holds a conference in Atlantic City, NJ and in most cases that conference can attract 8K-16K attendees and vendors. I was in attendance for three days working the Stratix booth with my buddy John.

I've never been involved with a show that featured 600 vendors and a multitude of attendees.  The attendees was off this year because of COVID19 and along with the restrictions still in place.  All attendees, vendors and speakers were required to show proof vaccination before entering the convention, show ID (don't need ID to vote but you need it to prove the vax card is yours), in addition everyone was required to wear a mask at all events.

Throughout the convention there were many announcements over the PA systems that stated due to CDC guidelines and the mandates from our Governor that everyone had to wear a mask while in the (NJ State owned) Atlantic City Convention Center.  In fact there were mask police (security) that were walking the floor asking everyone to wear the mask the right way and remind them to put the mask back on when they were finished eating or drinking.

Now let's get to the picture I posted in the title and below. This picture was posted on his facebook page tonight.  I suspect these pictures are from today since there was not event last year and our Governor loves photo ops.

I confirmed that these pictures are from today since he did another photo op earlier in the day and he is wearing the same tie.


Not one person that I can tell has a mask anywhere close to their face.  This goes on while the general order is for everyone to where a mask and there are no exclusions. Eight to Ten hours with no excuses.

Things like this have happened before with this guy. He it the epitome of DO WHAT I SAY, but not as I do.

What a shame we have four more years of this joker to deal with.

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@TML  The RNC is fractured in NJ and has been that way for the last 20 - 30 years.  We can win a Governorship,  but we can't win where it counts for change and that's with the state senate and assembly.  However this year we gained seats in both houses and knocked out the second most powerful dem in the state, It's still a tough road for red in NJ

Jack will be back!!  RNC missed the mark on not backing him harder that's for sure!

Phil sucks man, so does every hypocrite out there through all this crap.  The irony of the presentation of ID to gain entry into this event but not be needed for voting is disgraceful. 

Like another commenter said, Rules for thee, not for me!  BS!!

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