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Many Good People Have Left our Copier Industry


I was told today that a good friend and a great member of our site decided to leave the industry.  I was asked not to make mention of that persons name until it's formal.

I hate what the last almost three years has done to our industry. It was great that many of us made it through COVID, however the last 12 months of not being able to get copier/device is the straw that will or has broken many backs. I've never seen it this bad in my 42 years and feel we are losing too many of those good people.

I'll take a shot here and it's to all of the Japanese & Chinese manufacturers, for years and years they reached the zenith of their business model for "just in time delivery".  No one ever thought that business model would backfire on our industry after Covid. Do I blame the just-in-time delivery process?  Yes, I do!

Manufacturers could not keep up with demand because just-in-time delivery was a business model that couldn't be changed on the drop of a dime.  The Japanese had perfected the model so well that warehouses, manufacturers and parts suppliers were doomed with factories shutting down all over the world.

I don't want to make this about just-time-delivery but that business process plays a big part in what's happened in the past three years with our industry.

More to come on this

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I hate to see it! This business has a lot of good years left in it but people have to make money and it’s hard to make money when you can’t process orders. From a manager standpoint it is hard to get creative on paying people when orders are not being processed and money coming in and that has proved difficult for everyone.

I will say it is a great time for people to start diversifying and selling other products that they can get their hands on, Although for some it will be too late in the current climate and I get it - people have to feed their families and make a living.

the J-I-T model was doomed the fail and whilE I have always liked it because we didn’t have to keep tons of inventory it has proven to be flawed with the supply chain issues.

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