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Just When I Thought All Was Coming Up Roses


Please excuse me if some of the words are not formed corrective.

It was Wednesday early in the day,  and Tuesday saw me secure an existing client for 22K.  That was a great way to start the month and by 11AM an existing client added another 10k for a production RT device and a high end stacker.  By mid day Wednesday every thing was clicking, it was another hour later when an existing client client added a 7k. Within another 25 minutes I received another 5k from a client about PM for an A4 device.

By 4 PM on Wednesday I was at 43k for the first two selling days of the month.   July saw me add $140k in orders and June finished at 11k.

It was going to be a great month because there were other ducks on the pond for the month. At 6pm all went to ****. My wife knew there was something amiss. Kathy was concerned because I was not responding to her questions. Me, I had no clue and was not aware I was having a stroke. Make a long story short and I was off to the hospital confirming the stroke. It’s now Friday and we find out I have a clot in my heart, the only remedy is to have Herparin dissolve the clot.

So we never know what happens from day to day.  There were no warnings and I was enjoying life.

I’ll be taking some days off over the next few weeks and hope to be back in the near future.

Special thanks for those that have contacted me and thanks so much.


PS only took me 3 hours to write this

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