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Become an Independent Agent for Color Label Presses


Come and listen about salesperson named Ted

A grizzled veteran that always kept his family fed,

The one day he was shopping for some food,

And into his eyes he saw the glimmering light.

Label press that is, color labels presses, high margins

Just a little take off from the Beverly Hillbillies lyrics and many of us remember that Jed was out hunting for some food, missed the shot but hit the mark because the bubbling crude spouted from the ground.

On June 7th at 4PM EST David Clearman (Director of Marketing and PLS Sales at Muratec America) and I will be hosting a Zoom chat the benefits of becoming and independent agent for Color Label Presses. We'll do about 15 minutes of chatting and then open up the mics for questions.  

For me and a lot of our members it's a very interesting option since we are in the print technology space.  We can see the opportunities and the opportunities are out there.  One of our Print4Pay Hotel members is already working an opportunity with mega Gross Profit. Can you say 50K or more?

I don't want to skin the cat here, but I think for all of us that are in sales this is a great opportunity to diversify.

BTW, one lucky attendee will also receive a genuine bottle of Davids finest bourbon.

Here's the link, and please RVSP so I can capture everyone's name for the raffle.

-=Good Selling=-


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