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Your Solutions were great...The stories and situations all showed the

Duplicator as a tremendous

"Lead" product for your growth within these named accounts

On behalf of Mike, John, Cliff and all who contribute to growing the

digital duplicator business on a daily basis, we're proud to announce the 8

dealer side semi-finalists and the 4 direct side semi-finalists for the

Sell The Solution Tournament. The following are in alphabetically order,

the names, locations and type of deal that qualified for inclusion. All 12

will arrive in West Caldwell the evening of April 9th. Only 3, two from

dealer side and one from direct side, will leave on April 11th as the Grand

Prize Winners of the trip to Japan.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic30836.pcx)

MY, Thanks to everyone who participated! Special mention should be made to

those of you who sent multiple solutions ,,,Your support was appreciated!!

Please pass along your congratulations to Trey, Sam, Bobby, Brenda, Mark,

Ray, Art, Ted, Jim, Margaret, Dave and Al when you see them.

Bob Rinaldi

Eastern Region

Priport Manager

Cliff Campbell

Marketing Manager

Digital Duplicator Products

West Caldwell Headquarters

(973) 882-21

(Art's Comment)

Guess I understood it , I am one of eight finalists. Did anyone else from the club make it?


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