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The competition is all over.  From time to time I even get existing accounts requesting additional quotes from other vendors, even though the service has been great.

I had a client call me the other day. I had signed them up to a 36 month lease just about 11 months ago.  The DM wanted me to price another A3 color device. I asked whether he was looking to purchase or buy. The answer I received was to lease. For a split second I was going to give an estimate for a new 36 month lease.  I then changed my mind and asked is he wanted the new device to run co-terminus with the existing lease?  The answer was yes and I feel like I dodged a bullet.

Here's the reason why.  I figured once I gave him the co-terminus monthly lease cost it would be somewhat difficult to figure the purchase price (we all need to make GP).  In addition, if the DM came back to me and wanted a pricing for a regular term lease then I knew he was shopping my price.  Thus, I could make the adjustments for something more competitive.

That's it.

Would love to hear from other tips from everyone

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I understand your reasoning here. However, I always feel my position with an account is stronger when I have multiple leases with varying expiration dates.

Here is something I don't see others do very often...when going in early to renew a 36 month lease, I don't don't "eat" the buy-out, I extend the term. If I'm going to renew at 34 months, I write the renewal for 38 months. I explain to the DM that it ends up being the same 72 months, they just get the benefit of the lower renewal payment a couple months more. The extra funding from a 38 month rate doesn't cover all the cost of the 2 months of buy-outs but it sure helps. All you have to do is call the leasing company to get a rate quote for a 38 month term.

With my large accounts I tend to want many leases with varying expiration dates. It seems the large accounts with dozens of machines are not going to entertain someone coming in who wants to put one or two machines in when I have 20 other systems in place. Most don't want to mess with multiple providers for the same thing it seems. 

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