MELVILLE, NY—October 21, 2014—Canon Solutions America, a wholly-owned  subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., today announced that Page International  Communications, a Nationwide Argosy Solutions company, has installed an OcÉ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+ digital perfecting system. 

One  of the largest commercial printers in Houston, Page International  prides itself on managing each client’s concept from start to finish. A  full-service shop, handling everything from pre-press through bindery,  Page International offers a full complement of printing services and  solutions, including web, sheetfed, and wide-format. In recent years,  the company has heartily embraced digital printing technology, acquiring the world-class expertise, technologies, and equipment  necessary to take full advantage of the digital revolution in commercial  printing.


“Digital is very important to us and to our vision  because we believe it is the future,” said Jeff Glover, CEO and COO of  Page International. “Moving forward, the growth is going to be in the  digital arena, so we are very much committed to the digital aspect of  the business.” 

Gearing Up for the Future
Recognizing  the continuing importance of the monochrome market, Glover decided to  make a strategic investment in technology geared specifically toward  that aspect of the business. After carefully considering a number of  competitive offerings, Glover and his team zeroed in on the OcÉ  VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+, which had been brought to their attention by  Carl von Werder, Page International’s manager of lean manufacturing and  workflow automation.

Impressed by the system’s outstanding  print quality, reliability, and ease of operation, Glover felt Page  International was on the right track in terms of identifying its next  strategic acquisition. "We looked at everything the competition had to  offer, but the Canon solution was head and shoulders above the rest," he  added.

Glover was equally impressed with Canon Solutions  America’s willingness to back up the purchase with a performance  guarantee. Later on, upon reviewing Page International’s original  business case for making the acquisition, Glover was pleased to find the  OcÉ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+ had out-performed in every way.

“We  went back to our original forecast and compared that to the actual  results,” relayed Glover. “In every category, the actual results  exceeded those forecasted expectations.”

According to Francis  A. McMahon, vice president, marketing, Production Print Solutions  division of Canon Solutions America, the OcÉ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+ has  such an impressive track record, it’s easy to make performance  guarantees because its superior technology results in fewer breakdowns  and less downtime. That leads to greater customer satisfaction.

“Today’s  customers expect faster turnaround than ever before, so it’s critically  important to have complete confidence that your equipment will be able  to deliver in a timely fashion,” explained McMahon. “With the OcÉ  VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+, Page International has gained the ability to run  for incredibly long periods without the need for any intervention.  That’s incredibly valuable in terms of productivity.”

Love at First Print
Installation  went smoothly, and in just a few days, the VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+ was  up and running “blazing fast,” according to Glover. From day one, the digital perfecting system vastly exceeded his expectations, not just in terms of print quality,  but also in its workhorse-like performance. The machine turned out a  whopping 2.8 million pieces before its first service call.

“Our  acquisition of the OcÉ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+ demonstrates our  commitment to stepping up and bringing in the right technology to  support our vision of being a turnkey solution,” Glover said. “It’s  going to help us continue to increase cash flow through the  profitability and efficiency it brings to our organization. We expect  this is the start of a bigger relationship with Canon Solutions  America.”  

About Page International Communications

With  years of experience catering to the needs of diverse business sectors,  Page International Communications is a national leader in print, print  management, communications, marketing, and order management solutions.  As part of Argosy Solutions’ national network of leading print-based  communications companies, Page International provides complete  communications, marketing, fulfillment, and supply chain solutions for  just about any business need. Page International is supported by  Argosy’s advanced proprietary software, enabling it to work seamlessly  with Argosy’s other five companies to provide unparalleled expertise in  meeting the exacting needs of a variety of industries. Working as each  client’s partner in success, Page International is committed to  providing outstanding products and services, exceptional value and  customer service that is second to none.

About Canon Solutions America
Canon  Solutions America provides industry leading enterprise, production, and  large format printing solutions, supported by exceptional professional  service offerings. With the technology offerings of the Canon and OcÉ  brands, Canon Solutions America helps companies of all sizes improve  sustainability, increase efficiency, and control costs through high  volume, continuous feed, digital and traditional printing, and document  management solutions. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Canon Solutions America is headquartered in Melville, NY, and has sales  and service locations across the United States.  

Source: Canon Solutions America.

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