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There are no laser based wide format color systems out there from the major manufacturers.
If there are, they are price prohibitive.
What your customer would find would be a couple of systems to meet his or her needs.
Oce has a TCS400 system which is a separate scanner, controller and printer. They can scan the color document and direct it to print on the inkjet printer. No doubt an expensive output solution because it is ink based.
Probably looking at the $40,000 range for this one.
The other is something like a Vidar scanner with an HP color plotter or Encad plotter to do the same thing. Probably not as expensive but still has a high output cost.

I know HP has a new system that is both a copier and plotter. But it is still inkjet technology.
Hope this helps.
My account which I did the success story on (posted under success stories) uses the HP Systems. I am not sure of the model number, but it has six color inks, plus they max the memory and have a Fiery Controller for them. They really like these systems,=.

Take a peak on HP's web site for more info.

No plans in the near future for Ricoh to come out with any type of color wide format system. They do have 4 new systems coming in the next 18 months and there is talk of a color scanner option but that is all that I have been able to gleen from our wide format product manager. Also... it looks as if we will have an affordable digital replacement for the FW870 om the next 90 days!


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