What is on the horizon as far as Production equipment?   Anything would be great.

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I've seen nothing for at least the next three months, beyond that, well, your guess is as good as mine. I did hear a rumor that we will have an envelope press, which is interesting because when I looked at the future products there was item that I was not familiar with and couldn't find anything on the web. Not saying it's true, but when the rumor comes from a P4P'er it usually is.



Production is partnering with Xante on their Ricoh engined envelope press. I think it uses a SP C831 and the system looks solid.

Rumors have new Color production coming soon.

Okay I have seen some details on paper.  Looks like two new products and two updated series. Very promising looking. Anyone see anything?

Now, in the world of copiers, these boxes are sexy!!!  Canon, KM and Ricoh better wake the heck up.  I can' wait to learn more about these devices.  Do you have any info you can send me?



If Samsung would make these machines faster & keep the price points the same, they could grab market share in a heartbeat.  

Originally Posted by txeagle24:

If Samsung would make these machines faster & keep the price points the same, they could grab market share in a heartbeat.  

Some dealers are making huge strides with the current Samsung offering. you're right about the speeds. If dealers are not looking at Samsung right now they should be this will take business from others very quickly

Wow...they also make HP's e-Print.  I wonder if they're doing this to lock other manufacturers from using the technology or to build up valuable licensing revenue.  Despite Samsung's constant battle with Apple (both for market share and in court), Samsung makes chips for a lot of Apple products, so they have no problem taking competitor's money for use of their technology.

Printeron also owns allot of patents for mobile print. I wonder if this was a play for the IP alone.

The only feature Iam disappointed with, is the low speed they have kept. Max 35ppm for colour A3 and 53ppm for B/W A. I was expecting speeds of around 70pp. As for Samsung technology I can say their previous models were already advanced. I come from a 15 years’ experience with Ricoh and found the Samsung machines very interesting and easy to setup with a wide range of options for the users. I look forward to the new models capabilities on which I should be receiving training in about a month or so. Hope to know more and let you know.


heard nothing about those, wish I could be there. Have never been to a graph expo, however, I've heard it's an awesome event.  There's always next year!!

Originally Posted by Ricoh914:

Me too. What about the new 25ppm-60ppm boxes?

I'm not sure if you're referring to B&W, but there is firmware available on the RFG site for new MP2554/3054/3554/4054/5054/6054 models.  No other info yet.

All I can say is if you can get to Graph Expo this year and visit the Ricoh both they will have some new equipment that will blow the doors off the competition.

Notice came yesterday that there is limited availability of the 2553, 3053 and 3353 and the new models the MP 2554/3054/3554 will launch by early November.

This is quite odd.  The MP2553 series is the newest series in Ricoh's monochrome lineup.  It can be equipped with the Smart Operation Panel & OCR kit, while the MP4002 series & MP6002
Sorry...I accidentally bumped Submit.  The MP4002 & MP6002 series are the monochrome boxes we sell the most of, & I haven't heard any rumors of them being upgraded.  On the same topic, some accounts with the SP5200 A4 systems have leases expiring in the near future, & we have nothing to upgrade them to.  Hopefully Ricoh is updating the MP2553 series so early in order to update the entire monochrome product line in one fell swoop.
The mp2554 series will fill up to the 60 ppm slot.  I believe we will be seeing releases on info as early as tomorrow.  Ricoh is ready for business from what I have seen on paper.  Especially in the production world.


  • Print and copy up to 50 pages per minute
  • Duplex Single Pass Scanning scans both sides of the paper with a single pass
  • 300 g/m² max paper weight from any tray and duplex up to 256 g/m²
  • Standard envelope feeding from tray 2, bypass and optional trays 3 & 4
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi maximum print resolution
  • 320 GB HDD + 2 GB RAM is aligned with today’s increased demand for storage
  • Standard Gigabit Ethernet boosts speed in data-heavy environments
  • Optional additional network interface allows the machine to be on two networks and have two IP addresses, ideal for guest users without compromising your network
  • Five finisher options - two booklet finishers, two regular finishers, one internal finisher
  • New internal finisher adds finishing capability without increasing footprint
  • Compact design: internal duplex unit provides a small footprint
  • Re-designed icon-based driver is very easy and intuitive to use
  • Optional OCR adds a transparent layer of text over the output PDF making them searchable
  • Poster Printing lets you print 1 page across several pages, saving on outsourcing
  • D Copy function copies both sides of an ID onto the same page
  • 4,700 max paper capacity for longer, uninterrupted print runs
  • Incredibly low power consumption. It can be programmed to power on and off with a Weekly Timer to conserve energy when not in use.
  • Synchronised LED lights indicates location of paper jam
  • Tiltable Colour 9" (23 cm) control panel lets you create shortcut icons to automate most used tasks
  • Print and scan with your phone or table with the Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan app, available for Apple and Android devices

Mobile Features

Available both for Apple and Android devices, the free Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan features advanced printing settings at your fingertips. Just join your mobile device to the same network as the MP 5054SP and choose from settings you would normally see on a computer driver, such as paper size, orientation, duplexing, input tray and even stapling and password-protected printing. You can also scan straight to your mobile device and see the image popping up on your device's screen in just a few seconds. And with cloud integration, you can not only instantly upload your scan to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, but also retrieve documents from these services for printing, with a wide range of file formats supported.

Printer Features

  • Take advantage of 2 GB RAM and a 320 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to store and manage more documents.
  • Generate output at the device using a USB memory or SD card for incredible convenience and flexibility. Users can insert the card into a slot on the operation panel to begin printing in seconds—no computer is necessary.
  • Preview files on the control panel before printing from USB/SD Card for quality assurance prior to distribution.
  • Ensure efficient production of reports, presentations and training materials with standard support for PCL or optional Adobe® PostScript® 3™.
  • Use Auto Job Promotion to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency. This feature moves print jobs higher in the queue to skip “error” print jobs.
  • Use a Web browser to access system settings and address books or configure and monitor an entire fleet of Ricoh devices — right from your desktop.
  • Streamline workflow and simplify execution with the one-click, preset interface driver or optional Adobe PostScript 3 driver.
  • With advanced administrative controls, quotas can be set to limit outputs for specific users or workgroups.
  • Get alerts and up-to-the-minute data when the device is low on supplies, experiences an error or needs firmware updates. Plus with @Remote®, you can even automate meter reads to maximise administrative efficiency.

Scanner Features

  • Scan in colour or monochrome up to 180 pages per minute in duplex or 110 pages per minute simplex with the new Single Pass Document Feeder which will scan both sides of the paper with one pass
  • Share your scans instantly with Scan-to-Email/Folder/HDD/FTP/URL.
  • Access LDAP-registered directories and information, including Home Directory, quickly with one-touch operation at the device for fast, convenient scanning and easier, cost-effective administration.
  • Compress file sizes of full-colour scans with the High Compression PDF function and produce quality results with faster distribution.
  • The optional OCR (optical character recognition) unit generates PDF’s with a transparent layer of text, making them searchable and therefore easy to retrieve documents quickly to find what you are looking for.
  • Take advantage of centralised Distributed Scan Management (DSM) while following specific preferences and rules to automate document tasks and improve productivity.

Fax Features (Optional)

  • Take advantage of up to three analogue lines with the Super G3 modem to improve total fax capacity and minimise bottlenecks.
  • Distribute documents directly to e-mail addresses and eliminate long distance costs with Internet Fax capabilities. Forward inbound faxes to e-mail addresses, network folders or the system’s HDD for easy, fast and free paperless faxing.
  • Set up the machine fax behaviour by the time of the day with the fax timer settings where you can choose how the machine should handle a received fax, such as forwarding to email, printing or storing on the HDD.
  • Save on phone line rentals and fax boards with the Fax Connection Unit which allows you to have one machine as the main fax machine while other compatible Ricoh machines can send the fax to the main machine via the network.

Security Features

  • Overwrite all stored data on the hard disk drive and encrypt the address book, authentication information and stored documents using HDD overwrite/encryption.
  • Secure and destroy latent images and data from the system’s internal HDD with the standard DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS).
  • Prevent unauthorised access to certain functions with password-protected and user-specific authentication.
  • Store print jobs at the device until an authorised user swipes an ID card or enters ID information at the control panel to release the job.
  • Stop unauthorised duplication of sensitive documents with Unauthorised Copy Control—a critical feature for workgroups that regularly handle sensitive data.

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