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I have a customer that is looking for a "pay for print" solution.
We have not placed a solution like this and are a little unsure as to what might work.
Here are the specifics.

What they want is a stand alone station that will process debit or credit, preferably not hosted on site, and this is big "You can input and print from USB via a thumb drive."
They would like the ability for anyone, student non student, to walk up and be able to print on demand.
Now, they understand that is almost impossible, but some professors are now requiring that all work be submitted in electronic form. They are looking for a system that will be in 3-4 maybe more locations to serve simple printing needs on demand. They are open for any solutions that may be available.

Here are the limitations.

They are not looking for a huge back end system. They do not want to manage it at all. Which would include firmware or just simple updates and the software. It can not be on their accounting system if at all possible. Too much programing will be involved.

We would provide and maintain the equipment under a maintenance agreement.

A good example that I thought of was vending machines. On the Soda machines you have the option to swipe your card (CC,DB) to purchase a drink. It uses wireless signals, that would be behind their Firewall for security, and relays the information to a site that processes the order. If we could somehow tie that into a USB device and plug it in as a KEY CARD I think it would be great.

I am going to research this more of course, but I also wanted to put a post on Print4Pay and see if anyone else has done a solution similar to this.

Has anyone heard of Go To Print?

Thanks for your input or suggestions.

John Anderson

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If I am hearing this right, you have two issues...USB access and driverless/wireless printing. Others have USB printing, we don't. However, we have HotSpot Printers that no one else has.
I am going to assume that you are not familier with this. HotSpot printers allow you to print from anything that has email access including iPhones or BlackBerries. You don't need drivers and you don't need to be on the network. You just email the file to a designated address. A minute later you receive an email with the release code, go to the printer and put in your code and out comes your print charged to your credit card. The customer gets a credit to their account just as if they had sold a piece of merchandise.
Right now you have one color unit and one B&W unit as options...SP4100N-KP and the SP C410-KP. If you can convince them that this is the way to go, you eliminate all competition except for others in the Ricoh Family Group. You can find plenty of info on Aficio League to get you started.
I looked up your profile after JasonR's reply. Sorry for not remembering that "John" was you. I know it's your name but there are a lot of John's out there. Even if you eliminate all the John's that Dear John letters go to and all the outhouses by that name, that still leaves quite a few.

Anyway, isn't it impossible to be able to print anything but PDF's from a thumb drive if it isn't plugged into a device with the software resident? For instance, how can an MFP print an Excel File without having Excel? Granted KM and others have it and we don't, but isn't what they have a far cry from what the customer really wants?
John, I don't know if this is still a live issue for you but I thought of you while reading up on the Fiery Controller Option for the C2800/C3300 and the C4000/C5000.
In an FAQ Document under wireless printing options it states, "When printing from USB removeable media, the Fiery will print Postscript and PDF File formats. If the Fiery has internet access and the Native Document Conversion option (i.e. EFI PrintMe) then you can also print native Microsoft Office Documents from your USB..."

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