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I guess they ran out of golf bags or the promotion is one won the "raffle" in September.
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I think it's because they ran out of people posting there anymore!!!!!

I will not post there, in reference to the "code of conduct" thing and the fact that they edited over 300 posts one weekend.

Censorship is alive and well at the Aficio League.

You like my post....I was trying to razz them a bit. I am surprised they left it on considering I have been pissing them off about once a quarter for the last yr. Maybe they are realizing that they are shooting themselves in the foot with crap of conduct.


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I have been monitoring the AF since Oct. 1. There have been 7 posts total, one of which was Mike's about the golf bag. That's pitiful seeing as how the month is half over. I bet there won't be more than 12 legitimate posts this month. I too stopped posting when Art did. That's because all of the 300+ edited posts that weekend were mine and Art's. Their code of conduct has killed the AF message board.
Maybe the next step for Ricoh would be to buy out - is it for sale? Will it one day go the way of the Connectivity Cafe? It has obviously become the most imformative and active source for Ricoh family products. THANKS GUYS!
What makes this site great is the ability to speak your mind and the comfort of knowing that we are truly among friends (we do look out for each other).

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