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Court Listener magazine is reporting that discovery has begun, including depositions of Fujifilm executives
o This is in regards to Fujifilm trying to force Xerox to pay a $1 billion fine for
backing out of the deal where Fujifilm was to acquire Xerox
o Both sides apparently have been ordered by the judge to complete discovery by Oct. 19, 2019
- Article published in Wirth Consulting magazine is titled; “Fujifilm CEO Still Wants Xerox, But Will HP Beat Him to the Punch?”
o Predicts HP will acquire Xerox if Xerox is not required to pay $1 billion to Fujifilm
o If Xerox is ordered by court to pay $1 billion, then most likely will be taken over by Fujifilm

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Makes sense, although I’m not convinced a billion dollars would deter HP inc.  With their recent turmoil from supplies disconnect who knows.

To get to their goals they will need a better more mature hardware range that includes office light production and they need it fast. From what I have seen the page wide technology still has a way to go not to mention the integration of the Samsung’s engines the failure rates are substantial. 

next 1-2 years is going to be majorly transforming for our industry im not sure they can develop in house fast enough to get to where they need to be without it. 


I’m sure the engines are probably ok but dropping their formatters and drivers on top have allot of teething issues. In HP world they have a 49.xx error which is generic formatter/driver issue. I know a few dealers have dropped them and gone back to their original brands because of the high labour costs. It’s all very new technology I’m sure they will get it right after a few more generations 

As one of the top 10 HP dealers in the country it has been our experience that the HPs (Both Pagewides and the Samsung engines) have run well. We have been an HP Dealer for several years now and we have seen no evidence of a high failure rate. In fact just the opposite has been true. As one customer phrased it "Oh it's an HP? they just run!).

My $0.02

Vince McHugh


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