To anyone out there who does alot of high volume sales.
I am working on a deal for 7 2090's and 3 2105's.
I believe that each one should be configured with the fiery controller for variable data printing and the DOT software for Xerox data conversion.
Now the question is, does each system need a fiery or could it run two systems. And do I need to order (10) copies of the DOT software or will (1) copy suffice for all of the copiers.
It is a Xerox house and in addition to them we are competing against Canon.
Wish I had more experience in this arena, but any help from the board would be much appreciated.
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Don't you think that you should be investigating Micro Press? I don't have much Micro Press experience so someone else is going to have to chime in on the potential advantages.
The units will be placed in different geographical locations, so I didn't think micropress would be a viable alternative. Each location would have independant operation of the other locations and the copiers would have different jobs and such.
I believe each system needs its own fiery, however you should get right from the horses mouth and call.

Jim DiGrutilia "Product Manager" 2090/2105
@ Ricoh 973.882.2000

This may be a little late, however we may be able to print to the doc server from the one fiery and then allow the other system to print the job through the connect copy feature.

I can not help you with the software.

I need to know more about the data streams because if the data is coming in
a format other than PostScript, Fiery may not be the best choice.
With regard to variable data printing and DOT, you are better off
contacting Mike DeBenedetto.
Call me if you have any questions.
Its possible that Doc-Q-Manager with the Job Ticketing module would help, especially if all the different sites were working over a central Print Server. This would allow each unit to work independently or to each site.
I would, however, check that Ricoh USA have ironed out some of the glitches in this programme.

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