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Today Dealer Marketing announced the launch of the Social Sales Academy ( The academy provides LinkedIn sales coaching to copier and managed IT sales representatives.


larry-levineLarry Levine will lead the academy. With 27 years of in-the-field sales experience, Larry began incorporating LinkedIn into his sales routine in 2009. Last year, Larry used his LinkedIn sales strategy to book $1.3 million in hardware sales in a zero-base territory, while creating a $2.6 million pipeline.


In the academy, Larry coaches reps how to use LinkedIn through the sales process to prospect for c-level connections, convert the connections to offline appointments, and network with the entire buying team. Reps also learn how to protect the base by going deep and wide in current accounts. Over the past four months Larry has coached dealership sales reps, manufacturer reps and leasing reps across the United States and Australia.


The response has been very positive. Here's what one sales rep had to say after the first session: “Our sales team had a blast at Larry's LinkedIn training. He kept us on our toes the whole time (and we are a tough group). He provided us with detailed information on how to improve our personal message using LinkedIn. We all left the meeting excited and are looking forward to working his plan to use LinkedIn to generate more business!”


Coaching sessions are available in both Online and On-site sessions to meet the needs of various sizes of sales teams. Online coaching sessions last six weeks. Live sessions are followed up with weekly action items and one-on-one coaching.

On -site sessions are also available for dealers with larger sales teams. During the one-day session, reps learn the fundamentals of social selling while optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to look like experts with whom a decision maker would want to connect. This is followed up by one-on-one coaching and three more live web sessions where reps master social selling skills.


“Used correctly, LinkedIn has a tremendous potential to help dealers grow net-new business,” said Darrell Amy, Chief Innovation Officer of Dealer Marketing. “I’m excited about the impact he is going to have on this industry.”


The first online coaching session begins on Friday, September 18. Dealers can enroll sales reps in the academy by visiting

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Committed to help independent dealers win, Dealer Marketing provides online marketing and social selling services to copier dealers and managed services providers. In addition to the Social Sales Academy, Dealer Marketing provides website design, blogging, social media management and search engine optimization services. Learn more at

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