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Which Awards Should MSSPs Buy In 2020?

IT Security Service Providers? Say No To Refreshing the Award Wallpaper on Websites!

IT Security Services is quickly becoming a wallpapering of websites instead of protecting clients. Does anyone else see the lunacy in Managed Service Providers or Master Services Providers loading up their websites with reward logos, rewards which are paid for as marketing ploys? Soon we will see the 2019 awards being replaced with those of 2020.

End-users before you buy the noise of the award, ask the provider these three questions.

Who's the Judge? What are they Judging? Are these awards bought or presented when earned unsolicited? 

I was on a website of an IT Security Provider this particular provider has been offering IT Security Services for a little over a year. So, it seems surprising to see that they have already received Ten awards recognizing them as leaders in the Security deliverable. Who's the judge? What are they Judging? Are these awards solicited by marketers or earned?

Shouldn't all rewards have disclaimers clarifying when they are paid for marketing trophies? Managed IT Services organizations are being lured into this trophy plastering, and with today's IT Security threats, this trophy plastering could be disguising the realities of undeserving providers.  

The bottom-line is simple if you as a provider are asked if you wish to be recognized as one of the best and the criteria is writing a check to the awards provider admit you bought an award, you didn't win it, or even better just say no to the nonsense.

With all the breaches over the last few years, it is time that Managed IT Services Providers start focusing on how to deliver Security Services over how to market them.

The greatest buzzword in the industry "Security" has become a Mecca for marketers. Let's hope the end-users of IT Security Services ask for other end-users as a reference and put zero stock in the lunacy of the wallpaper awards. Just ask those questions, more importantly, pay attention to the answers.  

 Who's the Judge? What are they Judging? Are these awards bought or presented when earned unsolicited? 

Managed IT Service Providers make 2020 the year to change your game and increase your remarkability. IT Security Services is not a Marketing Strategy to sell Managed IT. Let your competitors continue fooling themselves while you educate their customers on the harsh realities of the IT threats.

Clients don’t care about your trophies they care about being protected and serviced by those who actually deliver services. Bought awards are not security layers, will not keep out the hackers, and marketing them does not make you remarkable. So, what awards will you say no to in 2020?

 "Status Quo is the Killer of all that will be invented "  

Ray Stasieczko

CEO/Founder TEASRA, The Innovation Channel https://teasratic.com/

"Business" Relationships are a Component of the Deliverable! Oh, Deliverables Change

Well, the Image Channel is undoubtedly heading for some needed updates. Over the last couple of years, I have been discussing the future and in search for more of the channel's leaders to help in destroying all that is status quo to a product-centric mindset. Know it's time for the channel to focus on the Customer, not just in words but in their actions. Customer-Centric approaches must replace Product-Centric mindsets. 

"Those passionate about approaching things differently, based on a changing customer, can create opportunities once unimaginable." 

Yes, a passion for improvement will challenge the status quo, be critical of things that need attention, and drive those wishing to remain complacent insane. However, In my case, it's my passion for improvement that stimulates my imagination. Momentum is the goal of all those passionate to destroy the status quo. During this momentum, there will be many challenges to the comfort of current circumstances; as new circumstances emerge.

"Passionate pursuits towards improvements will challenge conformity before conformity joins in the pursuit." 

In today's innovative business, climate leaders need to be open-minded and have a willingness to explore things they once deemed unimaginable. Leaders on opposing sides must be willing to evaluate openly as things which once seemed miles apart move closer together.

"With open minds the old way can in-fact, innovate."

Excitingly It seems as some of the legacy players are now beginning to challenge themselves by replacing status quo mentalities with innovative mindsets striving towards needed re-inventions based on the realities of the market's customer.

We also see some in the channel who appear to talk about how they can disrupt; however, they refuse to disrupt themselves and are placing a false sense of security regarding the relationship component of the deliverable. This misunderstanding in relationships over relevance will cause some to be blindsided as the channel converges and consolidates.

"Business Relationships are a component of a deliverable, and as deliverables modify, so will the relationship component." 

Today the channel's leaders must be bold and willing to challenge all that stands in the way of their continued relevance. The channel's actors must not allow the emotions of past business relationships to distract them from market realities. The focus must be on the most important component of the overall deliverable, the market's customer.

Legacy actors can be the disruptors.

I believe when legacy actors become obsessed with reinventing themselves based on customer-centric motives over saving themselves based on product-centric mindsets. They are just as probable to succeed as any new innovator attempting to disrupt them.

Leaders on a path to challenge the status quo all understand there cannot be any sacred cows - in business when its time to sacrifice the status quo; it must be sacrificed. 

The emotions involved with past relationships will challenge all as new relationships are formed, and during disruptions, strange bedfellows will emerge. The Imaging Channel must get past their obsessions to save things and learn how to reinvent things. There is nothing at all comfortable about reinventing things. Of, course there is nothing at all satisfying in being choked to death by the grip of complacency.

My friends where will your passion led you in 2020? The boldness of the journey will be feed from the passion you travel with.

I wish all a Happy Holiday Season

"Status Quo is the killer of all that will be invented."   

Ray Stasieczko

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When Will The Imaging Channel's Customers' Run out of Trust?

It's is 2020 in less than 30 days. Yet some in the Imaging Channel still think its 2000. On the other hand, most of the channel's customers are excited about 2025 and will find vendor partners who can deliver 2025 today.

"A company's customers won't be held hostage by those who serve them status quo; today's customers are presented or can find on their own replacements for what they deem obsolete." 

Customers are no longer at the mercy of those who currently serve them. The ability for an innovative process to surprise a legacy deliverable is still shocking the status quo. Anytime an industry marketing insist on selling yesterday's relevance; they are entering the journey towards obsolescence.

The Imaging Channel's marketing and go to market strategies resemble much more of the past than the future. Those with customer-centric mindsets who deliver based on marketplace realities will replace those who continue selling based on products and outdated processess. 

"A company's Products, Services, and its People will fall out of relevance if they forget it is the customers who determine a company's relevance."

It seems as if the Imaging Channel is betting on the fact that their current customers trust them to deliver constant relevancy. Unfortunately, the customers of all industries are looking on their own as they wait to be presented status quo alternatives from those who currently have their trust. It is in this waiting period where resellers perceive a trusting customer relationship, while their customer's reality is a temporary relationship based on what they currently know.

"You can be the vendor with the greatest relationships in the world and lose to the unknown innovator who delivers a better experience."

For a declining industry to deliver the future to the present they must have the willingness to destruct all that is holding them back from improving their customer's experiences. Regardless of the pain to the comfort of current circumstances, those changes create. 

Today the Imaging Channel is too focused on creating customer experiences that benefit the industry's past instead of creating end-user experiences that benefit their customers' future. There is an out of alignment with the realities of customer needs. That is why I started the A4 Revolution with my friends at Lexmark.

The Imaging Channel is living in a bubble of yesterday's circumstances. The channel continues overselling, over specking, has an overconfidence in their relevance and the trust their customers' have in them. This mis-alignment of expectations creates an environment for a severe disruption coming from outside the channel's control.

Innovators look for things the old way is doing, against the common sense of what could be based on what should be. The Innovators then set out on a path to educate the old way's customers in the better way. If all the leaders of the channel looked at the channel's deliverable through the end-users, eyes, they would quickly see a mis-aligned product - centric complacent deliverable.

"Nothing focuses the mind better than the constant sight of a competitor who wants to wipe you off the map" Wayne Calloway CEO PepsiCo 1986-96 

The industry's leaders must look at their deliverables through the eyes of an innovator who wants to wipe them off the map. Leaders who do this will then have two choices.

The first choice is listening to insecurities. It will be those insecure leaders which are smart enough to see the future. However, as they examine the future possibilities, they don't see themselves in the vision so, their insecurities will build walls to block what is probable for as long as they can. These leaders will continue delivering with a product-centric mindset and eventually will face the fate of the competitor Wayne Calloway spoke of.

The second choice is beating the innovator in turning those visions of improvement into reality. The leaders who can imagine a better way, and set out on a path in creating it will always focus on the customer, and will consistently deliver with a customer-centric mindset.

"Customer-Centric Mindsets will always defeat Product - Centric Actions"

Today's buyers have no patience in allowing those who serve them to remain complacent. When customers are presented a better way they will quickly leave what they once trusted as the only way.

Disruptive innovators look for misalignments in vendor and customer trust.

"Status quo is the Killer of all that will be Invented."

Ray Stasieczko

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