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September 19th, 2022

Uber Hacker Claims To Have Hacked Rockstar Games, Releases GTA 6 Videos - Forbes........Hot on the heels of the Uber hacking incident last week, someone claiming to be the hacker behind it now says Rockstar Games has been hacked.

Can your iPhone be hacked? What to know about iOS security | WeLiveSecurity......In this article, we'll look at some of the most common ways for malware to compromise iPhones, some warning signs your own phone may have been hacked, ...

Alleged Disgruntled Employee Derails Wizard 101 Servers With Spam And Profanity.......KingsIsle has not issued an official statement indicating whether the person responsible was an actual employee or just someone who hacked into ...

GTA 6 hacker gets hacked back – may have Bully 2 footage too | Metro News.....The same person who leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 footage apparently has info related to the cancelled Bully sequel as well.

Holiday Inn Parent Company Hacked Through Weak Password - Make Tech Easier......Intercontinental Hotels Group, the parent company of the Holiday Inn and other hotel chains, was hacked, and a Vietnamese couple is claiming ...

Pro-Kremlin Newspaper Blames 'Hackers' For Russian Military Death Toll Report......Journal wrote on Twitter that "either [the newspaper's website] has been hacked or someone there got the leaked numbers and posted them.

Hacks: Uber Hacked By An 18-year-old Kid - Research Snipers.......Uber Hacked By An 18-year-old Kid. 16 mins ago Nicole Craig. Things are very different in the USA, where Uber and its competitor Lyft have ...

Who Are the Sleuths Protecting Your Crypto From Hacks? - UK Regulator Issues Warning on Crypto Exchange FTX to Consumers · Hacker hacking · Cybersecurity. Who Are the Sleuths Protecting Your ...

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