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To Ricoh "What I Want for Christmas for 2014"

Christmas in Sweden begins with the Saint Lucia ceremony. Before dawn on the morning of 13 December, the youngest daughter from each family puts on a white robe with a red sash. She wears a crown of evergreens with tall-lighted candles attached to it. She wakes her parents, and serves them with coffee and Lucia buns. The other children accompany her. The boys dressed as star boys in long white shirts and pointed hats.

The custom goes back to Lucia, a Christian virgin martyred for her beliefs at Syracuse in the fourth century. The Saint Lucia ceremony is fairly recent, but it represents the traditional thanksgiving for the return of the sun. Often she is followed by star boys, who wear pointed hats, and carry star wands.


2013 marks the fourth installment for "What I Want from Ricoh for Christmas",  last year I was fortunate to finally get a color wide format system that was able to print/scan and copy!  In addition Ricoh finally delivered Ricoh ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment), woohoo!


But like any good kid I'm yearning for a few additional items this year. Here's my wish list for this year, and keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have these products for 2014!!


  • Hi Speed Network Scan Station that will scan at 100 image per minute plus along with a 220 page document feeder and the ability to scan2email, scan2folder and scan2cloud (I really want this one the most)
  •  A wide format MFP with an automatic document feeder with a large original document exit stacker! 
  • I asked for this before and will continue to ask until I get it, but can you please bring me an envelope printer with a fiery, a large capacity envelope feeder and a conveyor stacker....pleeeease!!
  • The ability to search folders from the copier that reside anywhere on the network. No more of this global scan crap or third party embedded software.
  • I'd also like to have a 50 or 60 page per minute A4 MFP (black) that can staple, print, scan, fax and hold oodles of paper, maybe 4,000 sheets? 
  • A bookletmaker for MP C6502 and the MP C8002 that will work in tandem with the GBC Pro Stream puncher, not the Plockmatic that hurts my wallet.
  • Please, oh please don't force me to buy Plotworks anymore with the wide format systems.
  • How about a staple free stapler?  Maybe the new eco finishers can have a paper crimper installed so we don't have to use staples any more!!
  • I'd also like to have more finishing options for our color A3 systems that are 30-50 pages per minute, I'm hoping for GBC puncher, and a multifolder.
  • An in line bookletmaker that staple 50 pages to make a 200 page booklet!
  • An one more item, open up the Android OS for the Smart Panel Display so I can access Google Play Store and allow me to develop some kick ass apps for the copier!!

What a wish list right?  Please feel free to add your wish list for Ricoh, or any other manufacturer sometimes the best ideas come from those of us that are in the trenches day in and day out!!!


Click here for last year Christmas Ricoh Blog


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Hi Art,


We sell the A4 product in Northern Ireland your talking about,we are a Lexmark Business Solutions Dealer and its a Lexmark XM7100 series, upto 70 page per minute staple, scan, print, fax etc all as part of a standard specification at very low CPC.

For the desktop we sell the Lexmark XM3150, 42 page per minute A4 mono. 7 inch colour touchscreen and Low CPC also. 


Good products that are helping us win deals we couldnt win with Sharp or Konica Minolta products. 


Have a good Christmas from everyone here in Ireland fighting the good fight!





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