The Death of Global Imaging Systems is Confirmed

On the 30th of October we posted this topic on the Print4Pay Hotel forums The Death of Global Imaging Systems?

Just a few minutes we were notified that indeed Global Imaging Systems is no more.  Xerox has announced a name change along with many other changes that have been posted on

It was also posted that the name for Imaging will be XBS (maybe Xerox Business Solutions or Systems).  

Here's a snipped from a recent thread:

  • Name change announced
  • Health care plan combined
  • 401k reduced
  • 40 cores to ? 25
  • Centralized service hr it
  • Accounting billing going offshore
  • Real estate closing
  • Sales compensation changing
  • Management compensation reduced

It will be interesting to see how XBS moves forward. I'm sure this will not bode well if most of the bullets are true. I'm sure there will be spin from others that may not tell t like it is and try to sugar coat the change.  

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