The Death of Global Imaging Systems?

Had a call today from a very reliable source that Global Imaging Systems will be gone as of January 1st. That person did not say what year, but after hearing from a few other peeps at Global yesterday and today, I'm pretty sure it's this coming January 1st.

I was told  that GLOBAL IMAGING SYSTEMS will be absorbed by Xerox as of January 1st.

Although this is a rumor for right now, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts it's true since I had a call from a Global Exec yesterday.  Out of the blue that person called me and asked me about a thread that was posted about a news article from ten years ago.  I was asked if I would take that down.  It's now obvious that person is looking for a job.

My other call spoke about changes that Xerox wanted to make to the Global sales force.

Boy, this is going to one big **** show, especially with the Fujifilm deal still breathing.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts!

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I've had a couple of peeps questioning the rumor in the last few hours.  The only thing I can say is the statement came from an excellent source. It's still a rumor, but over the years I've seen many of these rumors come to fruition.  We'll just have to wait and see, however it does make great conversation.

Last I heard Global Dealers despised financing thru Xerox Financial Services.  All of Xerox Direct is financed thru XFS....if Xerox would now force Global to use XFS, this could make XFS a MAJOR leasing source....but rumor has it they're for sale too so who knows?

Copiersales posted:

The Houston branch of GIS under the name Dahill was an HR nightmare for the 4 years I was there. The lack of oversight from Xerox after multiple lawsuits was stunning to say the least. 

that's crazy! no wonder, seems GISX is out of control. Heard from someone today that they let go the entire acquisition team a few months ago.

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