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Supply Chain Day Thirteen........Not Really


Let me count the many clients are opting out re-leasing their copiers, others that want to buy their existing copier from the leasing company and a few additional accounts sprinkled in that they are opting to stay status quo.

Yup the last few weeks many of my clients that were playing hide and seek finally got me the goods on where their heads were at.

One of the talk tracks today was about a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease and what is the option for the client to buy that device.  Years ago FMV was worthless to me, the model number, the price, nor the meter read always meant the copier was being returned. No ifs and or buts.

Times have changed since there is demand to keep those copiers that under performed during COVID. The owner knows the copiers were hardly used and there was little to no service issues.

Supply and Demand

Prior and even during COVID none of my clients wanted to keep the existing copier. Every single one of those copiers were returned to that great copier hall waiting for another forever home.

Fair Market Value is the price an asset would sell for on the open market depending on age, and meter read.  I can tell you I've made that statement to clients thousands of times and probably even dreamed about FMV a few times as well.

The preowned copier market is hot and that's because most of us can't get new A3 devices for months and most new A4 devices are a pipe dream.  Thus the demand is there for used, preowned and off lease copiers.  Thus my talk track and I'm sure many others have changed their position when a client asks how much is that 5 year old copier?

My talk track in recent weeks finds me quoting 50% or more of the what the lease price was.


I do find it interesting that I've never seen our industry like this in my 42 years.  Yes, there was the Great Recession in 08 or 09, but you could always get a copier whenever you wanted one.  When clients asked "when can I get my copier" the answer was always, "when do you want it by".

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