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How Many Labels Did We Count on the Ricoh MP3601SP?


Aight, it's an older Ricoh MP 3601SP,  However, we still have one in the show room and I thought it would be cool to count how many color and black labels were adhered to the MP3601SP. I didn't not pop any of the covers, but I did open the roll feeder and the toner hopper. 

The method for my madness is to bring attention to labels, especially color labels.  Color labels are all around us, and most of the time we're not paying attention to how many labels are in our lives on a daily basis.

With emerging digital label printers/presses these labels can now be printed in house. Travel back in time for ten years and think about how we prospected and sold color copiers.  Ten years ago we hunted color printed documents and asked where did they come from, how much did you pay for them, how many do you buy a month, how many do you waste, how many are thrown out?  All of those awesome questions led us on the path to placing a color copier/printer with a net new prospect.

What comes around, goes around and today we (imaging sales people) have the same opportunity to place label printers/presses in net new prospects.  Many of these net new prospects are still outsourcing all of their color labels or have older high cost label printers. The time is right to attack this very lucrative market.

K, ready for the pics?


I also just noticed that I counted two 17's.  Thus, there are 36 labels on ONE device, and we didn't pop the covers off.

Look around you, try taking a day and keep a running count of how many labels you see in a day.  I'm thinking you may see more labels than sheets of paper.  There're out there you just need to pay attention.

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