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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Forty-Nine of Sales


Yay!  It's 4:47pm and I'm getting to write my blog for the day.  

In order to stay sane with each passing week I'll turn to jibjab and create some ecards for my team members.  It's easy to do because you can get their images from facebook, instagram or Linkedin.  Today I had some extra time to search for ecards where I could input 5 people. 

No on is safe from these videos! 

I had time to cut three of them today.  Just a few minutes ago I sent them to our team with the subject line "a little pick me up for Tuesday".  Tuesday the 26th is the last day of our month and orders will count for the week!  Matter of fact I'll see if I can put one of the video's in this blog for everyone.

We're Not Gonna Take It (is our mantra during these times)

This morning I had to prep for my 9:30AM because I didn't have time last night. It was right around 8:45am when I received an alert for my 9:00am meeting. What!  I checked my email and then checked my calendar and wtf, my client accepted the meeting for 9:00, however my email stated 9:30am.  I hopped on TEAMS asap and there I sat for 30 minutes.  I figured maybe they saw the difference in the schedule and was still going to log in at 9:30am.  I waiting another 10 minutes and nothing. Okay, this is serious I need to call them now,  called and got my DM on the phone and received an apology that they forgot all about the meeting.  It was all good because he did have the time now. 

Our meeting was centered around upgrading an A3 device to an A4 device.  The savings in the MA and the device would save them about $100 per month.  We continued the conversation where I told him about my last three weeks and general consensus that I'm getting hearing from all of my accounts.  My accounts are going to stay in business however they are concerned about future risks and the need to cut business costs is at the top of the list for all of my SMB accounts.  By the time we finished I received the verbal for the A3 MFP along with an order to replace their wide format MFP.  End result is we've scheduled for Tuesday the 26th to do the docs.  

Right, $15K for this one and my appointment on Tuesday to get docs signed will give me $22.5 for the last day of the month. If all goes well I'm expecting to finish the month with $214 and more than 400% of quota. I still have one other opportunity for net new out there. TUESDAY, TUESDAY

It's not done yet, but it's close and Tuesday will be a fun day to say the least.

Don't count on it Tim!

Looking back at the month the one thing that jumps out at me is productivity. I don't think I could have ever done this with driving to appointments on a daily basis.   Could this mean I can do $200K each month? 

It will be interesting to see how next month pans out especially if we're still in lockdown in Jersey.

Everyone have a nice Memorial Day Weekend and remember to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation!

-=Good Selling=-

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