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Steve Tentindo, President & CEO of Treeno Software, today announced the appointment of Fred Abrora as CIO, further strengthening the core management team of one of the industry’s leading Electronic Document Management Software companies.

“Fred’s more than 30 years of IT and market research experience, combined with his seven years driving the core Engineering Team here at Treeno will provide the right combination of market insight and hands-on experience to help drive innovation and customer support, which are critical to our customers and partners,” said Tentindo.

Fred began his career at MicroMed Technologies developing software that became one of the first management systems allowed in the operating room. As Senior Programmer for Ziff-Davis Market Intelligence (now Harte-Hanks), he contributed to the development of Market Insight, one of the first PC-based market intelligence applications, and was also a visionary and human interface pioneer for Windows-based applications porting over mainframe-based data and applications to CD-Rom for use on PC.

As IT Director for Digital Research, Inc. (DRI), Fred worked on projects for such companies as Pepsi, ABC News, Philips Lighting, General Mills, Nabisco, Disney, Yahoo, Yamaha, Hilton Hotels, Oakhurst, Hannaford, Kraft Foods, Lego, BankNorth, Idexx and the State of Maine, Georgia, Minnesota, Michigan, California and Wisconsin. He joined DRI in its infancy and contributed to its explosive growth from 3 to 26 employees. Fred pioneered the use of the internet for market research converting many traditional methods of data collection including conjoint analysis, frame by frame ad rating, brand studies, cover studies and shelf position studies.

Fred received a patent for a Web browser detection and default home page modification device and was instrumental in winning two EXPLOR Awards. He also developed and managed a family evaluation system to rate products in the home for Ziff-Davis and Disney Publishing.

“During Fred’s tenure at Treeno, he has been instrumental in the development and launching of our updated user interface, culminating in the creation of Treeno 4.0. His continual work has brought structure to a support department that is second to none in our industry,” said Tentindo.

“Treeno Software is in the right place at the right time,” said Fred Abrora. “Statistics show people place a huge value on their time and greater emphasis exists to ensure their time is well managed without sacrificing their ability to run the business. Treeno Solutions is a perfect fit.”

About Treeno Software
Treeno Software develops, sells and supports Electronic Document Management Software solutions with a focus on enterprise class document management features affordable even for small business. Treeno focuses on several key areas that include Documentation Management, Document Management Application Integration, Workflow Management, Document Imaging, and Email Management. Treeno Software is dedicated to providing affordable and flexible solutions to improve the efficiency of operations and business process management.

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