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It has been the worst of times for upgrading the web site! We had Graham working on this and he was able to succeed with step one, which was the new design, new logo.

However step two was to add 9 more message boards for all of the manufactures. Infopop quoted one price that was acceptable and we planned to move forward. About mid-stream infopop dropped a bombshell that they were going to be an enterprise service only. I called the other day and said that's ok, I think we can handle it. I asked them what the cost was for the Enterprise Service........$9,000 per MONTH!!! What the %^$#! That killed it!

Over the last few days, I have been searching the internet for message board services that will host the additional message boards. Finally....., I have found one and I have already ready designed one of the boards and and will be designing the rest as I have the time.

My plans are also to have an FTP site for all of us so we can move all of the documents that are scatterted in the P4P and put them in one location. If anyone can help me with the FTP, it would be appreciated I am now forced to learn as I go (Graham is very busy and can not support us in a timely manner).

I will also need a moderator for each new board, I know some of you have contacted me in the past, however now is the time to contact me again. We will need Moderators for Kyo, Canon and Konica Minolta right away. As advertising builds we can share some of the revenue with the moderators.

The P4P will always be FREE for the original members! That means all of you!

If you are dual line dealers, you will need to sign up for the new boards and I will get you approved!

If you all know of a full featured message board that is hosted by them, please call me or send me an email, I will check them all out. The one I have found is ok and has most of the features that we have here.

Please feel free to call me if you have any ideas or would like to help in making the P4P Hotel and industry wide site!

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