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FOR RELEASE 08/10/2022
Matthew Szczygiel
SalesChain LLC
(203) 232-4924

New CPQ utility provides a single platform for dealers with multiple product offerings.

SalesChain Releases Version 8.0 featuring Bundled Print, IT Product, and Managed Service Pricing

[Southbury, CT] - Business automation software provider SalesChain released version 8.0 of their platform this past Sunday, August 7 th , 2022. This release brings an industry-first bundled configure price quote (CPQ) platform for Print, IT Products, Management Services, Telephony, and document management products and services.

“SalesChain is the first and only system that offers a complete CPQ for copiers, printers, IT and managed services, period.” Says CEO Tim Szczygiel “Combining the industry’s best CPQ for print with real-time integrations to distributor inventory and pricing is something that no other system can deliver.”

SalesChain’s bundled solutions platform gives dealers a sales solution capable of supporting multiple product offerings. In addition, the provider has created purpose-built forecasting and lead management tools designed for the relative print or IT sales representative. These tools, along with integrations to
ConnectWise Manage and e-Automate can help maximize collaboration and eliminate redundant data entry.

Upgrades to SalesChain’s IT Pricing Solution allow reps to view and compare real-time pricing and availability of products from various distributors. Etilize acts as a configurator, bringing in data on associated accessories as well. A block of time feature allows users to separate monthly service fees
from one-time installation charges.

Integration with ConnectWise Manage is at the core of SalesChain’s initiative. Two-way integration between the platforms synchronizes companies, contacts, tickets, opportunities, projects, and orders. This level of functionality means that SalesChain users can now share data effortlessly between ConnectWise Manage and ECI e-Automate – creating one shared dataset.

About SalesChain: SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office equipment dealers. A CIO Magazine top 10 Workflow Automation Company, SalesChain provides CRM, CPQ, Quotemto Cash, and more for copier dealers and managed service providers. SalesChain helps dealers create
smart data that can be used across the business to create more efficient operations.

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