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so I have installed CUPS, and I have a Canon MF4100 Series printer, which I'd like to share over network. I've added the printer in CUPS, but the drivers aren't there (model does not appear in the list), so I've tried to set it up using RAW. That does not work either. It either says the computer can not communicate with the printer (from local UFRII driver on my mac), or it just send the page, but does not actually print anything. The drivers that Canon provides are for x86 only, and the 'source' contains x86 binary, so it does not seem to compile either.

So in effect:
- Can not install printer drivers, and no drivers are offered in the default install (and packages that I could find)
- Can not compile drivers from source (architecture not supported)
- Can not use RAW (does not seem to work)Can anyone help me in any way?

Please help

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