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Kester Imaging Revitalizes Corporate Brands with
MGI JETvarnish 3D Digital Embossed Foiling

Konica Minolta Helps New Print Embellishment Business
Add Value to Ink and Paper

Kester Wine Label with Ruby Red Foil

MELBOURNE, FL USA (January 8th, 2018) – The state of Kansas has a long, proud history of being at the geographic crossroads of American trade and commerce. Kester Imaging, a longtime Konica Minolta digital AccurioPress customer in Arkansas City, is upholding that tradition by helping other commercial printers around the country strengthen their customer relationships with MGI JETvarnish 3D digital special effects.
The creative design and decorative print enhancement outsourcing services they now offer as a trade finishing business partner have benefited both their peers in the graphic arts industry and the corporate brands that those printers serve. It has also helped grow their business significantly by adding new profitable revenue streams to their own commercial printing operations and customer applications.

The “Get Your Feet Wet” Campaign

To assist fellow printers and their corporate clients get started with MGI digital technology, Kester Imaging created a special program called “Get Your Feet Wet” with educational information, sales tools, file design guides and a special volume-based rebate program for recurring projects. The goal was to develop mutually beneficial supply chain partnerships that drive both new standard color printing work and the supplemental postpress digital enhancements that add dramatic, eye-catching sensory value. Offset printers and digital shops have both responded with enthusiasm to the availability of this new service – especially for lucrative short run customized campaigns.

The “Make a Statement” Slogan

Owner Richard Kester, with decades of print experience that includes working with newspaper linotype presses and a wide range of offset equipment, has a favorite motto for potential print buyers interested in the value of his JETvarnish 3D embellishment services: “When you have something to say, don’t just talk. Make a statement.” That old-fashioned advice has helped him open up new possibilities of print enrichment for clients with MGI 2D/3D UV images textures and variable embossed foiling services.
His new customers include manufacturing and retail consumer product companies, schools and non-profit organizations seeking to highlight their brands and messaging with printed communications in different ways that online campaigns cannot provide.

The Difference Between Print and Pixels

Kester explained that “Pictures of JETvarnish 3D embellished material on computer monitors or cell phone screens don’t tell the whole story. You have to see it with your own eyes and touch it with your own hands to get the full impact of this enhanced print experience. Computer images online don’t even come close to creating this kind of brand value.”

Konica Minolta Digital Printing Solutions

Kester Imaging was first introduced to JETvarnish 3D technology by MGI Global Partner, Konica Minolta. They currently have 7 Konica Minolta digital presses in-house that produce the vast majority of their print output. The ability to offer flexible, variable data enhancement solutions with service and support from the same business partner was a key factor in the decision expand with a new digital finishing and embellishing line of business.
For more information, please visit and Follow MGI on Facebook @MGIonline and Twitter @MGI_USA for the latest printing industry technology news. Follow Konica Minolta on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter @konicaminoltaus.

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